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International Callers Dial 1-310-205-0808

Waismann Philosophy / Waismann Method®

Waismann Philosophy for Opiate Detoxification and Treatment

C. Waismann philosophy utilizes the most advanced medical and psychological techniques available for opiate dependency. Because of our exclusive combination of personalized assessment, advanced medical treatments, and aftercare, Waismann Method® patients achieve an extraordinarily high success rate in overcoming an opioid dependence.

In the late 1990s, two physicians and a Registered Addiction Specialist created a treatment protocol for opiate dependency based on a foundation of safety, effectiveness, and compassion. Today’s Waismann Method® still reflects those core therapeutic values set forth by Michael H. Lowenstein, M.D., Clifford Bernstein M.D., and Clare Waismann RAS almost two decades ago. We customize every treatment to fit the individual’s needs and dependence history.

The leader in the Field of Opiate Treatment

The Waismann Method® is a global leader in developing effective and safe approaches to overcoming addiction and dependence on drugs like heroin, OxyContin, Methadone, Norco, and all other opiates. Patients from all over the world come to our exclusive location in So. California, because they know they can rely on our superior standard of care, extensive experience, and tireless commitment.

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Different Methods of Medical Detoxification

The Waismann Method® Medical Group professionals adjust the process of opiate detoxification and rapid detox based on the patient’s specific medical and dependency requirements. Our medical team carefully considers every treatment plan to ensure it offers the most advanced, personalized, and effective medical detoxification possible.

The Waismann Method® begins with admission to a private room in a full-service hospital. An extensive pre-examination and consultation are performed to ensure the safest and most effective course of treatment. A wide variety of medical specialists is available for consultation and assistance when necessary. Our patients receive around-the-clock care in the hospital for two to three days, in most cases, to become physically strong enough for the recovery process. Patients may then begin recovery at the retreat created especially for them in an environment that maximizes and expands the quality of care we provide.

The trained staff at Domus Retreat assist and care for guests 24/7. The healing process from opiate detoxification can take time and might be emotional and physically challenging for some. The experts at our Domus Retreat facility have made this transition easier for thousands of people. We know that support is essential during the recovery process, so we offer a few days of post-detox treatment in an upscale, tranquil, and extremely private setting.

  • One-on-one psychotherapy multiple times a week
  • Psychiatrist (available for an extra cost)
  • 24/7 in-house assistance staff
  • Professional massages included in your Domus PTP for endorphins production
  • Acupuncture therapist
  • Gourmet meals designed to fit your dietary needs and gastrointestinal issues
  • On-site exercise equipment and off-site gym available
  • Yoga/tai chi/meditation – small in-house group and private sessions

Waismann Philosophy is Treating the Individual Behind the Condition

Everyone struggling with opiate dependence deserves compassionate, professional treatment but not every patient is a rapid detox candidate. The Waismann Method® provides an intermediate level of care for patients whose dependence does not warrant sedation or anesthesia. This level of care is best for people who have been dependent on opiates for only a short time and who are in otherwise good physical health. These individuals typically spend a day at our hospital facility for general health monitoring by specialized professionals. Patients can also receive therapy that blocks the withdrawal response to make the opiate detoxification process more comfortable.

Other patients may have medical issues that require a slower, more conservative approach to detoxification. We provide in-patient medical care to these individuals; a process is known as medically assisted detoxification. For as many days as our medical director believes necessary for safe, smooth detoxification, patients remain in our hospital. Additionally, patients spend a few days at Domus Retreat to stabilize emotionally and physically while receiving top-notch professional support.

The Waismann Method® relies on a wide variety of treatment approaches because each person experiences opiate dependence and recovery differently. Some become opiate dependent after recreational drug abuse; others find themselves dependent after using opiates prescribed for pain after a significant illness or injury. Also, a person might be in overall good health, but physical or mental conditions can complicate his recovery from opiate dependence. From teenagers to senior citizens, opiate-dependent individuals are different when it comes to recovery, too – some benefit from hospitalization and long-term care. In contrast, others cannot afford to take time away from work or family.

One Exclusive Location with the Highest Level of Care

Waismann Method® concentrates all its efforts in Southern California, where patients receive the best opiate dependence treatment available. We offer a combination of personalized treatment options unavailable anywhere else in the world. Our professionals can create individualized treatment plans specially designed to help you or someone you love overcome opiate dependence.

Some treatment centers try to imply an affiliation with us due to our success. We want to emphasize that this is our only location; we are NOT affiliated with or have trained any other doctors, clinics, rehabilitation facilities, or hospitals anywhere else.

Experienced addiction specialists are willing to speak with you about addiction and the Waismann Method® for detox and aftercare.

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