Waismann Method Podcast

The official podcast of Waismann Method® Medically Assisted Opioid Treatment Program and Rapid Detox Center. Questions & answers with Clare Waismann, CATC – Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor and the founder of Waismann Method® and Domus Retreat®. Our goal with this podcast is to help those suffering from addiction and their families have a better understanding of what opioid use disorder is and what treatment options are available. Knowledge allows people to make more informed decisions so they can adequately choose the treatment they need and deserve.

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Episode 3. Q&A: Opioid Dependence, Withdrawal, Medically Assisted Detox and More!

Welcome to the third episode of Waismann Method® Podcast. Clare Waismann, founder of Waismann Method® and Rapid Detox expert, and Michael Lowenstein, M.D., Waismann Method® Medical Director, discuss the physical effects of opioid dependence. They are answering your questions about physiological components of withdrawal, and how supervision by trained medical professionals assures safer and more…