Waismann Method location is only in Southern California

Waismann Method LocationThe Waismann Method ® of Rapid Detox has one exclusive location worldwide. It has become a world-renowned treatment for offering one best rapid detox and medical opiate detoxification available. Our medical detox center offers the most comprehensive, discreet and innovative approach to treat opioid dependence. We have been delivering one of the highest opioid detoxification success rates, individualized methods to recovery and premium staff.

Our doctors have successfully performed this treatment for more than 18 Years. It is important for the public to know that when they search for Waismann Method location, they are aware that there is one single location world wide. We receive patients from all over the world, at our exclusive facility, based only in Southern California. Due to our success, some treatment centers try to imply that they are affiliated with us. This is our only location; we are NOT affiliated with nor have we trained any other doctors or hospitals anywhere else.

If you’ve struggled with opioid dependency, and have yet to find a humane, effective and discreet solution, consider Waismann Method ® for real results. Our anesthesia assisted rapid opiate detox treatment, focuses primarily on a sedation-based detox to bypass the withdrawal syndrome, along with an exclusive compassionate after-care program that assist with the physical and emotional regulation post detox.

For almost two decades, we’ve received and treated patients from around the world – consistently proving exceptional and comprehensive care for opiate dependent patients. Our team of medical experts merge with our addiction experts to integrate services and therapies, so the process is smooth and effective, giving patients a feeling of comfort and assurance from beginning to end.

Waismann Exclusive Benefits

  • Private Rooms
  • JCAHO Accredited Hospital
  • Quadruple Board Certified Medical Director
  • Exclusive Private Recovery Retreat
  • Psychotherapist
  • Massage Therapy
  • Special Diet Prepared by our Chef
  • Around the clock professional care for 5 to 10 days (All inclusive)

Official Waismann Method Rapid Detox – Los Angeles, Orange County, Southern California

Waismann Method location is 45 miles south of  Los Angeles, in Orange, CA.. Further, our location is perfect for incoming flights to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange County.  No matter where you or a loved one are located, a life-changing solution awaits.

Our dedicated staff will arrange a driver at your arrival from the airport, ensuring that you won’t have to experience the process of unfamiliar territory alone. We handle patients food, transportation and accommodation. We want our patients to concentrate on getting well and allow us to worry about everything else.

We’d like to thank you for learning about the Waismann Method, and hopefully the information on this website helps you see the benefit in our extraordinary program.

To schedule an appointment for rapid detox treatment, or to learn more about this incredible opportunity to move past opioids FOR GOOD, please contact us today at (888) 987 – HOPE (4673).