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Subutex Detox

How to Detox from Subutex?

Detoxing from Subutex requires medically-assisted treatment to optimize success for recovery. Subutex, the sister drug of Suboxone, is the brand name of buprenorphine, an opioid medication used to treat narcotic addiction. Additionally, it helps prevent withdrawal symptoms in those who have stopped taking other narcotics like OxyContinFentanylmorphine or heroin. First, Methadone was traditionally been used to treat addiction to heroin and other opiates. While it has shown some success, it too is an addictive opiate derivative that may require detox. Currently, medical professionals use Buprenorphine as substitution therapy, making it hard for users to get high, except when taken in very large doses. Detoxing from narcotics can cause extreme anxiety and withdrawal symptoms if not approached properly. A fear of withdrawal from opiates may delay treatment for many users, but they need to know there is effective treatment available.

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Experts in Addiction Treatment Offer Top-Notch Subutex Detox

Subutex Detox is a serious process and should be treated in a medically-supervised setting where withdrawal symptoms can be managed and underlying issues addressed. We treat addiction responsibly with compassion and grace at Domus Retreat, located in the Anaheim Hills of Orange County, Ca. “Domus” means “home” in Latin, and that’s what we provide for our guests. Moreover, we don’t believe you are powerless over your life and we strive to build you up, encourage you at every step and inspire you to get healthy. We target addiction on all fronts in a private, luxurious setting where guests receive individual care and pampering. Our Domus Retreat staff firmly believe that addiction should be treated in the most responsible and humane manner.

Is Subutex Detox Painful?

Subutex detox does not have to be painful. An addiction to opiates, including replacement therapies such as Subutex, does not have to ruin your life. We have addiction specialists standing by, waiting to help in our ultra-exclusive and private facility. We individualize all treatments, zeroing in on underlying issues that may have contributed to your dependence. This includes risk factors that are unique to your situation. Medical professionals manage the medical withdrawal and guests have access to therapy, small group settings and pampering treatments. You owe it to yourself to find the best in Subutex detox treatment. And we’re here to help every step of the way.

Opiate Addiction Is Likely Not Your Fault

First of all, we know you didn’t set out to become addicted to Subutex or other medications and we don’t blame you for your situation. In most cases, our guests take opiates as prescribed to treat legitimate conditions. Perhaps a tolerance set in, leading to dependence or addiction. If you then began taking Subutex to manage opiate withdrawal symptoms but didn’t know that it too can be addictive, you will find that a second medical detox may be necessary. However, trying to detox on your own can be dangerous and hard to manage.

– We do not Prescribe Subutex but instead We help patients detox from it 

When choosing a rapid opiate detox program, read more about safety, risks and possible complications.

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