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Roxycontin Addiction

Roxycontin Addiction is a painful condition that can ruin lives if not addressed properly. Signs of Roxycontin addiction are often very evident and easy to spot. Most patients with a legitimate prescription for it don’t intend to become abusers or addicts. Roxycontin is not technically a recognized medication. It’s sometimes used on the street to […]

Roxycontin Detox

Roxycontin is another name for OxyContin or roxycodone, two powerful opiate medications that have the potential for abuse and addiction. Both of these drugs contain oxycodone, the narcotic ingredient that can become habit-forming. Opiate detoxification is a necessary step for patients who have become addicted to their prescription painkillers. Waismann Method’s opiate detox offers safe, quick and […]

Roxycontin Overdose

Roxycontin is the name sometimes mistakenly used to refer to OxyContin, a prescription medication containing oxycodone. OxyContin is a narcotic pain reliever that can be useful in treating many conditions but also has the ability to cause problems such as tolerance, addiction, withdrawal and overdose. The medication’s label carries information on safe use, special risks, warnings and […]

Roxycontin Rehab

“Roxycontin” is the name often used on the street to refer to OxyContin. Sometimes, it’s used mistakenly to refer to another opiate medication, Roxicodone. Both of these drugs contain oxycodone, a narcotic analgesic. Regular use of these drugs can lead to addiction and the need for rehab, which includes services and programs set up to […]

Roxycontin Side Effects

Many people use the name “Roxycontin” on the street to refer to OxyContin or to refer to another prescription opiate medication, Roxicodone. These contain oxycodone which is an effective pain reliever but can lead to problems including side effects, addiction, withdrawal, and overdose. Certainly, most people who take any kind of prescription medication face the […]