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Waismann Method Assists Victims of Growing Heroin Epidemic in the U.S.

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Waismann Method rapid detox treatment program offers hope to families in crisis

Opiate abuse has reached unprecedented levels in the U.S. Heroin use in particular has undergone sharp increases in the number of overdoses and deaths in recent years.
Many opiate users who cannot acquire prescription pills are turning to the street drug heroin. This drug is now more readily available and less expensive than pills. As a result, doctors and staff at Waismann Method rapid detox program have been assisting patients swept up in this escalating and alarming trend in the U.S.

Conditions and Causes of Addiction

Multiple causes fuel the heroin epidemic; from financial stresses on the American family to chaos in war-torn Afghanistan, the world’s largest heroin producer. In addition, family history, genetics and childhood trauma can all predispose a person to drug abuse and make them vulnerable to a heroin addiction.
The presence of a genetic predisposition to addiction doesn’t necessarily mean an individual will develop an addiction. The presence of the gene simply means that the behavior is more likely in certain circumstances and conditions. A person’s environment will either trigger the gene for addiction or render it inactive. A loving, supportive environment fills a child or adult with a positive sense of self and well-being. Whereas, a chaotic, neglectful environment paves the way for the individual to seek relief from their emotional pain.
Heroin is one of the most potent painkillers, relieving both physical and emotional pain for a short time. Ultimately, the real issue is not why there is a heroin epidemic, but why so many users are in so much pain. The unfortunate fact is that many young people are abused or neglected in childhood. Parents nowadays are busier and more stressed than ever, leading to a failure to nurture children adequately.
All too many young people grow up with a void inside, a feeling of emptiness, anxiety, distress and/or unworthiness. A drug like heroin offers temporary relief from the pain, starting a cycle of addiction.

Anatomy of an Epidemic

Many traditionally considered heroin use as just an urban issue. However, it is now showing up across all types of communities. In the past, users were most often in their 40s and 50s; these days, many are in their 20s or even younger.
Some parents overlook the first signs of heroin use and feel tremendous shame when they discover that their child is addicted. Their inner turmoil combined with a lack of understanding about heroin may cause them to freeze up, not knowing where to turn.
Waismann Method offers hope and humane treatment. A rapid detox program can help to get patients out of acute crisis rapidly and on their way toward physical and emotional healing. Waismann Method rapid detox can start the physical recovery process faster so that the deeper emotional issues fueling the addiction can be more rapidly addressed.

Humane, Targeted Treatment

Guiding and assisting heroin users toward appropriate detoxification is a foundational step toward recovery. Parents who feel lost and overwhelmed about their child’s addiction want to know they will not be judged or shamed, and this is a cornerstone of Waismann Method. Individuals who don’t have time to stay in a long-term rehab facility will find a rapid heroin detox program a viable course of action.
At Waismann Method, the patient’s health, dignity, comfort and safety are always top priorities. Waismann Method’s exceptional team of doctors, therapists and staff members work diligently with each patient to design a personalized treatment protocol and aftercare plan for creating a life free of addiction.
Parents and patients should know that there is hope, and they are not alone. Heroin addiction is a treatable, reversible condition. A psychotherapist can assess the causes so the patient can deal with the issues while maintaining a productive life. For more information about Waismann Method, visit www.opiates.com.

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