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Resurgence of Heroin Abuse in U.S.

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We often talk about the dangers of prescription painkillers. Yet, we wanted to highlight an important issue that’s getting national attention; the resurgence of people abusing heroin. Many of you may have seen the recent, tragic news about heroin overdoses throughout the country. This disheartening news hits close to home as we often see patients who are struggling with heroin addiction. We know first-hand the up-hill battle they face.
The U.S. government is recognizing heroin use as a serious issue as well. The Office of National Drug Control Policy recently published its 2013 National Drug Control Strategy, which reported that a surge in heroin use across the nation has particularly affected young adults living in suburban and rural areas. With the upsurge of people illegally abusing prescription painkillers, like Vicodin and Oxycontin, these opiate-based medications have become much more difficult to obtain. As a result, there’s been a rise of heroin use, which is cheaper and more readily available. The 2013 National Drug Control Strategy also highlights heroin addiction as a growing issue particularly among 18 to 25-year-olds. There are approximately 68,000 seeking treatment in 2010, which is up from 43,000 in 2000.
It’s disturbing to see that an alarming number of young adults and professionals, including lawyers and ministers, now favor heroin. Many people who were using opiate-based painkillers are finding it easier to access heroin than pills. Unfortunately, this is creating a resurgence of heroin use and overdose. The number one reason we hear from patients about why they continue using heroin is because they are deeply afraid of the intense and painful withdrawal symptoms. With evolutions in modern medicine, we should be able to offer more humane treatments that help reduce suffering while still ridding the body of opiates. As a result, patients are less likely to relapse and can truly become opiate-free.

Heroin Abuse Treatment Options:

While there are a variety of opiate treatment options available, the majority have extremely low success rates. W Method opiate detoxification treatment (or “rapid detox“) is a safe and effective medical procedure that rids the body of opiates while the patient sleeps comfortably under anesthesia. First, detox symptoms are addressed and medically managed at a full-service accredited hospital. Then staff supervise patients  at an after-care facility. At Domus Retreat, they’re able to regain physical and mental stability in order to go back to their lives opiate free.
If you or someone you know is struggling with heroin abuse, and would like more information about W Method rapid detox treatment, please call us anytime at (310) 205-0808. It’s important to thoroughly research your options before making a commitment. Our team of certified and world-renowned doctors ensures high standards of safety. Moreover, we offer the most effective treatment available for patients seeking rapid detox.

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