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Rehab with Dr. Drew: Addiction And Recovery In The Real World

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Everyday People Are Falling Prey To Pain Meds And Heroin

Celebrities usually set the trends in the world, from what’s cool in fashion, to music and drugs. But, prescription painkiller addiction affects everyone – all walks of life. Young people, old people and people of all races and backgrounds can be affected. Professional people also – nurses, pharmacists, doctors. Young people are especially susceptible to this condition, which is tough to beat without help.
Addiction doesn’t discriminate. Addiction expert Dr. Drew Pinsky knows this all too well. “Addiction is a disease that effects everybody; it cuts across all classes, all ethnicities, it really is the medical problem of our time,” he told Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie.

Popular Addiction Show Returns But This Time The Targets Aren’t Celebrities

Dr. Drew and his team of addiction specialists are returning for their sixth installment of “Rehab with Dr. Drew” on VHI. In the past, the staff has focused their efforts on celebrities. The new season targets 8 unknown patients struggling with addiction and desperate to get help.
VHI and Dr. Drew felt that taking celebrities out of the equation could make it more relatable to people and perhaps reach more viewers and inspire those who are suffering to seek addiction treatment. Dr. Drew will be with his familiar staff of Bob Forrest, Shelly Sprague, Jennifer Gimenez and psychiatrist Dr. John Sharpe, all working together to help patients end their battle.
According to Dr. Drew, he will face his eight most challenging patients yet, dealing with extreme addictions from heroin to prescription pain pills and alcohol. Behind the closed doors of the Pasadena Recovery Center, viewers will gain access to the raw exposure of addiction, withdrawal and recovery. Viewers will also be exposed to what it’s like for these people to live life as addicts and the effect this has on their loved ones. Viewers will witness some very hardcore drug and alcohol use, but Dr. Drew believes that keeping it real will deliver the point home that the disease of addiction ends lives.

Detox And Aftercare Are Important Components Of Addiction Treatment

The first portion of the show will involve background stories and the detox process. Staff will also try to help the patients overcome the withdrawal stage of their disease. During and after withdrawal, patients will participate in individual and group counseling sessions to help them assess their addiction, why it started and what they need to do to stop it. This counseling session will also help the patients identify their triggers and find healthy ways to rid them from their lives. Following their stay at the Pasadena Recovery Center, Dr. Drew and his staff will do their best to convince the patients to continue their recovery in a sober living environment.
Dr. Drew, who said all the patients are sober today, emphasized that addiction aftercare is very important in helping people make the transition to a healthy and productive life.

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