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Oxycodone Detox Possible Complications

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Oxycodone detox possible complications are possible anytime a person stops taking a medication . Depending on the nature and length of the dependence, people can experience varying levels of complications.
Oxycodone is a potent opiate used to treat moderate to severe, long-term pain. There are many side effects that may occur when taking this medication and they can include headaches, constipation, itching, anxiety and possible physical and psychological dependence. It’s possible for people to become dependent quickly. There is also a risk the dependence will progress to addiction, which increases the possibility that an overdose may occur.

A Humane Oxycodone Detox is Possible

Detox is a process that eliminates the drug from a person’s system. This process is often the first step in most treatment programs and is necessary in order to completely recover from opiate dependence. When a person participates in the detox process, it’s inevitable that he or she will experience varying effects of withdrawal.
Some of these symptoms may be intense such as cravings for the drug, physical pain and psychological ramifications. Symptoms of Oxycodone withdrawal may linger depending on how much of the drug the person is taking and for how long. The fear of withdrawal often prevents people from seeking treatment.

There is Always a Chance Oxycodone Detox will be Difficult

Various treatment options are available. It should be known that opiate replacement therapy with Suboxone or Methadone won’t get you free of opiates right away. People may come to depend on their replacement medication and can take it for years. They may also require additional opiate treatment if they’re dependent on replacements.
Traditional detox and rapid opiate detox may offer more inclusive and well-rounded treatment. Risks for both include relapse, especially if patients don’t choose a reputable program. Patients can also have bad reactions to medications used in the detox process.

All Aspects Of Addiction Should Be Addressed During Oxycodone Detox

Oxycodone detox can cause very intense physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Due to the possibility for unknown complications and potentially dangerous outcomes, people are encouraged to not attempt detox without supervision. Detox is not an easy process; however the right treatment can offer comfort and ease the symptoms that accompany withdrawal.
Physical withdrawal symptoms will not last forever. The length and severity will depend on factors such as the drug used, dosage taken and the individual’s body chemistry. People often ignore the importance of the physical and emotional adjustment phase after Oxycodone detox, but should recognize that the proper post detox care is just as important. This process is usually conducted in an recovery facility following the initial detox. During this process, patients will have the option to participate in therapeutic services and  individual counseling ans other healing services.
The Waismann Method® has partnered with Domus Retreat aftercare, a highly innovative program that is unlike any other in the U.S. to offer the most advanced medical oxycodone detox, with the most compassionate and individualized after care. Our unparalleled protocol standards , experience and reputation ensures the safest and most effective Oxycodone rapid detox treatment currently available.

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