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Mississippi Detox

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The abuse of prescription painkillers and heroin is a growing problem that threatens every state in the country. Mississippi is not unique in its situation with opiate abuse and diversion. OxyContin abuse in Mississippi is a “viable threat,” according to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration. Many people who need pain relief take OxyContin without incident. However, the narcotic has wreaked havoc in communities across the country as it’s become more available by prescription and on the black market. Most people in Mississippi who become dependent upon their painkillers don’t intend for this to happen. These strong medications can become habit forming if they are taken in high doses or for extended periods of time. The Waismann Method of rapid detox has accepted thousands of patients from Mississippi and around the world for successful opiate detoxification.
The DEA said pharmaceutical drugs are diverted and transported into Mississippi from Mexico and southwest border towns. People who want to get their hands on drugs like OxyContin, Demerol, Percocet and Vicodin employ various illegal methods in an effort to achieve pain relief or satisfy an opiate dependence. Doctor shopping is a popular practice for those who want to secure more than one supply of these controlled substances. Others may turn to prescription fraud – forging prescriptions or trying to alter an existing prescription to reflect a higher quantity. Diversion also occurs by some healthcare workers in hospitals, offices and pharmacies. Personal and pharmacy thefts are also reported throughout the state as people take more brazen, desperate measures to get their medication. The DEA reports that the Internet is a source of much pharmaceutical diversion in Mississippi and other parts of the country. Buying opiates online is potentially dangerous because there are many websites out there that sell counterfeit or expired medications. Some don’t even require a prescription.

Waismann Method Offers Much More than Mississippi Detox Centers

Opiate dependency can develop quickly with prolonged use or abuse. The Waismann Method has a dedicated, experienced medical team that has provided safe, successful detox since the late 90s. Our treatment is humane and compassionate – we never make our patients feel guilty or shameful about their circumstances. We treat the physical addiction as a medical problem, in the safety of a full service, southern California hospital. We use non-addicting intravenous medicine to cleanse the drugs from patients’ opiate receptors. We don’t use Suboxone or methadone to accomplish detox because we know these can also cause a dependency. For the rapid detox an accelerated withdrawal syndrome develops and passes while patients are sedated, allowing them to essentially skip a painful withdrawal. They awaken free of their opiate physical dependence and without conscious awareness they experienced withdrawal.
Waismann rapid detox treatment center is renowned for its unparalleled success and safety record in treating patients from all around the world who have become dependent on opiates. Detoxification is administered at a JCAHO Accredited Hospital. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations is a non-profit organization that sets stringent quality standards in health care. JCAHO accreditation is considered the gold standard in health care; facilities are evaluated based upon extremely high criteria and receive accreditation only when it is confirmed that these standards are being met.
We provide the best in medical care. If you would like to know more about detox options, call today 310-205-0808 and speak to one of our experts.

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