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Methadone Home Detox

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Many people who take methadone or other opiate substitutes to detox from narcotics find they end up needing a second detox. Methadone is a maintenance drug used to wean patients gradually from heroin and opiate painkillers. These drugs create a tolerance after a certain amount of use and people who take them need to escalate use in order to achieve the same effects. Once a physical addiction develops, withdrawal symptoms set in once use is stopped. Opiate withdrawal is difficult to manage without help so many people turn to opiate substitutes such as methadone or Suboxone. They may work for some people, but most find that this requires a long-term maintenance plan. Users who try Methadone home detox may also find they don’t receive the support they would get with more traditional detox or rehabilitation programs. This is one reason that detoxing at home is discouraged.

Methadone Home Detox can be Painful and Lengthy

In order for opiate detox to be successful, it must first address the physical addiction. Ridding the body of methadone or other opiates can be accomplished with detoxification. A medically based program is the best option for most people because it can help ensure a safe outcome. Many people put off getting help with detoxification because they fear the withdrawal process. Though it can be daunting, this fear should not prevent people from getting better and doing so in a manner that is virtually pain-free. Rapid opiate detox offered by the Waismann Institute in California manages a painful withdrawal so patients don’t have to worry about managing their own withdrawal symptoms. . We provide a safe, effective treatment that minimizes pain and focuses on patients’ individual needs. Our thorough approach to detox has been heralded for more than a decade and is responsible for the success of thousands of patients.

Waismann Institute Can Eliminate Opiate Dependence in Short Time

Our success begins with the medical procedure we offer in the safety of an accredited hospital, closely supervised by a team of doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists. We are able to eliminate the Methadone dependence with a few days. We use a rapid detox procedure that cleanses the methadone completely from patients’ opiate receptors with intravenous medication. Patients are lightly sedated by general deep sedation during the procedure. The non-addictive medications we use are not opiate based. These medication speed up withdrawal symptoms, which develop and pass while patients are under deep sedation. The required stay for patients is between 3 and 4 days, after which patients spend sometime in our after care retreat for continuous care.. Opiate addiction also has a psychological component which can be addressed in our optional Domus Retreat program. This transitional aftercare facility offers therapeutic treatments to further recovery, maximize effectiveness and comfort.

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