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Home Detox from Actiq

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Dangers of Home Detox with Actiq

Actiq is a powerful opiate prescription drug that can be habit-forming. Because of the withdrawal syndrome it creates, it can be very dangerous to detox from Actiq without help. Many people try to detox at home and risk serious complications, even death. Actiq comes in a lollipop form and contains fentanyl, a very potent narcotic painkiller. Patients who take it for long periods of time may develop a tolerance and have to take more and more. A physical addiction can take hold quickly and is evidenced by withdrawal symptoms that set in once use is stopped. Opiate withdrawal can be managed professionally and should be. Not having medical oversight during this time can be a big mistake. Symptoms can include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headaches, agitation, strong cravings, body aches, a “crawling” sensation, insomnia, restless legs, loss of appetite, sweats, chills and overall flu-like symptoms. In severe cases, seizures can develop.

Trying to Detox from Actiq Without Medical Help Can Be Disastrous

Actiq is meant for severe pain or chronic pain from conditions such as cancer. In the last several years, it has been prescribed more and more for off-label uses. Some people abuse Actiq and take it in high doses. The more severe the addiction, the worse the withdrawal can be. It’s not advised that people try to quit taking Actiq cold turkey. This can be such a shock to the system. Trying to gradually wean yourself off the drug can also be difficult to do alone and may take several months. In addition to the physical and psychological discomfort of home detox, it can also cause a distraction for patients. After all, many patients misuse and abuse their drugs at home and need a new, positive environment in which to detox. There can also be a temptation to return to old behaviors and patients may not have the support they need. There are also home detox companies that offer to provide service in your home. Some of these offer substandard service without adequate monitoring.

Medical Detox Can Offer the Best Chance at Long-Term Recovery

The best chance of a safe and lasting recovery from opiate addiction is possible when you leave it to medical professionals. The Waismann Institute of Southern California is known for its safe, humane and discreet approach to opiate detox. We use intravenous medication to cleanse the Actiq from patients’ opiate receptors, wiping out the addiction at its source. This takes less than two hours and patients rest lightly under general deep sedation during it. The procedure accelerates withdrawal and patients awaken from the procedure without the awareness they even experienced withdrawal. This helps patients maintain their dignity through an otherwise painful time. Patients stay in the hospital 3 to 6 days and can return home once discharged. We also offer transitional care through our Domus Retreat.

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