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Has Suboxone Become a Problem for You?

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The Waismann Method of Suboxone Detox

Has Suboxone become a problem for you? Suboxone is the in the top three most common drugs the Waismann Method detoxes patients from. In fact, we detox more patients from Suboxone and Subutex than Norco, Vicodin and other forms of Hydrocodone combined. When attempting to live a healthier lifestyle, individuals often struggle with the intense physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. In general, our patients’ goal is to treat prescription painkiller dependency in a safe environment while decreasing discomfort associated with withdrawal symptoms.
The Waismann Method is a safe and humane alternative for individuals seeking treatment for opioid dependence. In addition, our program is inclusive of customized aftercare at Domus Retreat. The medical team admits patients to a full-service hospital for pre-screening prior to the procedure. The detox is performed in the intensive care unit, where the physician administers medications to reverse the physiological dependence on opiates. During this process, patients sleep comfortably under sedation. Therefore, withdrawal symptoms begin and pass while the patient sleeps without conscious awareness of these symptoms.
Following treatment, patients are opiate-free and begin their recovery at Domus Retreat where they receive one-on-one attention from experienced staff. All patients who undergo the Waismann Method receive individual counseling and holistic recovery services as part of the transition to an opioid-free life.

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