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Domus Retreat: Post-detox Center

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Domus Retreat, Orange County’s premier post-detox recovery, drug abuse treatment center is one of the key reasons why Waismann Method® treatment is successful in rehabilitating guests addicted to pain killers and other opiates. Unlike other programs anchored on powerlessness to beat the habit, Domus Retreat is a licensed after-care facility focused on rebuilding lives through sustained and individualized follow-up. In this caring and supportive environment, we highly respect confidentiality and privacy. Furthermore, trained medical personnel and highly skilled staff monitor progress and facilitate recovery by helping the guests understand and cope with unresolved personal problems, depression, addiction and chronic pain.
Domus Retreat: Post-detox Center
Domus Retreat, the 6000-square-foot post-detox rehabilitation center is equipped for providing complete medical and therapeutic care for opiate dependency. After going through rapid detoxification using Waismann Method® to rid the body of opioids, the guests need to deal with the after-effects of long-term drug use. Thus, Domus is the perfect solution where supportive care in a relaxed and serene setting enables the guest to cope with personal, mental and emotional issues without fear of judgment. The staff treat the client as a guest who needs rest, space and serenity.  Hence, we offer a welcomed time-out from the hustle and bustle, and problems of daily living while recovering. The staff never use judgment or make clients feel ashamed for their opioid use. Instead, we focus on the individual person and his or her total wellness, unlike other programs that tend to have rigid platforms, obligations and doctrines.

Domus Retreat Benefits

In particular, Domus Retreat offers the following to assure your complete recovery:

  • Individual therapy
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Individually prepared meals from our on-site chefs
  • Round-the-clock care and monitoring
  • Massage
  • Pool/Jacuzzi
  • A gym
  • Yoga and meditation programs
  • Tai Chi
  • Art Therapy
  • Anger management services
  • Housekeeping, linen and laundry services

Specializing in Opiate Detoxification

Domus Retreat post-detox center, is a partner of the highly successful Waismann Treatment®, assures confidentiality and provides:

  • 24/7 professional assistance
  • Individual therapy
  • On-staff chef so specific diets and nutritional needs are catered to
  • A choice of short term (1 week) or long term (4 weeks) stay
  • Private rooms and leisure activities
  • Humane treatment in a private setting

Guests in recovery require an ongoing process to ease the anxiety, tensions and discomfort away. Therefore, we offer private suites so you never have to share a room with another guest. There are no obligations to attend group therapy or engage in activities. Ultimately, the guest can decide which services are beneficial based on their individual needs.
If you thought life could not be lived to the fullest without drugs or alcohol, you could not be further from the truth. Thus, Domus Retreat brings together the best combination of professionals, food and facilities to make recovery pleasurable, fast and lasting.
Our staff encourages guests at every step and we dig deep to identify whether there are underlying factors that contributed to the dependency. In particular, we have the ability to provide coping strategies for conditions such as depression, anxiety, unresolved trauma and chronic pain. It’s important to remember, pain is part of life but suffering is optional.
In conclusion, recovering in our home-away-from-home retreat can help make the transition back to health comfortable and refreshing. After all, guests deserve the best after weathering the lows of opiate addiction. We are here to provide just that.

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