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Dilaudid Precautions

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If a doctor has prescribed Dilaudid for you, it’s because the benefits outweigh any potential risks. Dilaudid contains hydromorphone hydrochloride and comes in liquid and tablet formula. It is meant to treat pain but can also cause feelings of sedation and euphoria. Hydromorphone is a powerful Schedule II Controlled Substance and has a high potential for abuse. It can be taken safely and effectively if all precautions and warnings are followed. Dilaudid Precautions can include the risk of respiratory depression and is the dangerous with other substances. The dosage of Dilaudid will depend on factors including the type and severity of pain, the patient’s size and whether he or she is already tolerant to opiates. The drug’s prescribing label will include information about side effects and Dilaudid warnings.

Dilaudid Precautions Include Physical and Psychological Dependence

Opioids including Dilaudid can cause physical and psychological dependence. A physical dependence can occur within weeks of regular use but may develop in as little as a week. A physical dependence will result in withdrawal symptoms once regular use has been stopped suddenly. These risks highlight the importance of taking Dilaudid exactly as it is prescribed. Taking more than what’s recommended, or taking it more often can lead to serious problems. Dilaudid addiction is also possible with prolonged use and is marked by impaired control over use of the drug, cravings and compulsive use despite harm. There are several types of patients who should use Dilaudid with extreme caution, including the elderly and debilitated. Dilaudid may also be inappropriate for those people who have suffered through prior addictions. The drug’s prescribing label should be read in its entirety to learn more about drug interactions, allergic reaction and health conditions that may become more dangerous with opiate use.

A Medical Approach to Opiate Detox is Both Safe and Effective

If Dilaudid dependence does become an issue, Waismann Method is here to help you detox in a safe, comfortable and discreet environment. Our rapid medical detox takes place in a hospital to ensure safety and effectiveness. We begin with medical tests to rule out possible underlying issues. From there, our procedure uses intravenous medicine to wipe out the Dilaudid addiction at the source – the opiate receptors. This takes less than two hours and patients awaken to find they have already passed through most of the pain of the withdrawal. This accelerated withdrawal happens during the procedure, while patients are lightly anesthetized. They wake up, unaware of the symptoms that have passed while they were out, symptoms that can include strong cravings, nausea and shakes. This withdrawal management helps patients detox in a comfortable manner with their dignity intact.  Patients are usually with us a total of 5 to 7 days and sometimes 10 when extended stay is indicated. Some days are spent in the hospital, while the remainder of the time they stay at our exclusive recovery center, Domus Retreat. For more information, give us a call at 310-2050808.

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