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Demerol Precautions

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Demerol precautions and warnings should be seriously read with extreme caution due to its narcotic risks. If you have been prescribed Demerol for pain relief, read up on precautions and warnings for safe use before beginning therapy. Demerol is meperidine hydrochloride and can be habit forming. Meperidine is an opioid and considered a Schedule II Controlled Substance in the U.S. It is indicated for relief of mild to moderate pain. The narcotic analgesic comes with information that outlines risks such as respiratory depression, side effects, drug abuse, addiction and overdose. Demerol can also interact with other medications and substances that depress the central nervous system. These can include alcohol, other opiates, some antidepressants, sedatives and tranquilizers. Demerol could interact with other substances and foods so patients should tell doctors about everything they take including vitamins and supplements. Demerol should be used with caution in patients who have a number of conditions including head injury, alcoholism, sickle cell anemia, asthma, other respiratory problems and compromised blood pressure.

Demerol Precautions

It should be known that Demerol can provide effective pain relief and can be taken safely. With that said, it’s up to patients to ensure they take the medication exactly as it is prescribed. Any deviation from this can be problematic. Patients should not escalate use or take more than what’s recommended, even if a tolerance develops. If the drug loses its effectiveness over time, a doctor can decide the best course of action. He or she can explore alternatives, alter the dosage or recommend another medication. Allergic reaction is another possible complication to watch for when using Demerol. Symptoms of an allergic reaction can include rash, itching, hives, dizziness, trouble breathing and swelling. Demerol can be a target for recreational use, abuse and illegal diversion. Because of this, it should never be shared and should always be stored in a secure location.

Demerol Withdrawal Treatment

The use of Demerol for therapeutic pain relief has waned in recent years. Though it was once a very popular option for analgesia, it has fallen out of favor because of potential risks. Prolonged use can lead to tolerance and physical and psychological dependence. Waismann Method has a renowned Demerol withdrawal treatment that  takes less a few days and happens in the safety of a hospital.  Patients check into a private room of our full service accredited hospital, usually for 2 to 4 days . If anesthesia assisted rapid detox is indicated, patients are put under light sedation while a combination of medication is given, to induce and speed the Demerol withdrawal phase. The Waismann Detox  is a procedure that is effective at reducing the pain and discomfort that is  normally associated with Demerol detox treatment.
Once discharged , patients  transition for a few days at our  in our Domus Retreat recovery facility, for continuous around the clock care for a few days.

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