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Darvocet Detox at Home Presents Risks

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Long term use of the painkiller Darvocet can eventually lead to physical and psychological dependence. When this happens it’s absolutely imperative that medical help be sought to sort out the problem. Trying to conquer opiate addiction at home without proper supervision can be risky, even deadly. Some people will try to detox at home by tapering their use gradually or trying to stop cold turkey. Because Darvocet and other narcotics can cause a painful withdrawal, home detox is a risk not worth taking. Some detox programs even send patients home to recover – a mistake that could result in health problems and/or relapse.
Darvocet is a narcotic that is meant to treat moderate to severe pain. People can take it safely and use it for effective pain control. A tolerance can develop with prolonged use, requiring the patient to take more and more to match the level of pain relief. People with legitimate pain concerns can become dependent upon Darvocet once this tolerance sets in. Others may misuse or abuse the drug to experience a “high” or state of euphoria. Getting off Darvocet can be difficult in both cases.
There are numerous treatment options to deal with opiate addiction. Thinking that you are capable of overcoming an opiate addiction on your own can set you up for failure. People who taper their use without medical oversight can run into many problems. A cold turkey approach is even more risky. The problem is withdrawal. Symptoms can be debilitating, including cold sweats, hot flashes, nausea, vomiting, agitation, insomnia, seizures, even coma. Patients who try to detox at home often find they are unprepared to deal with the physiological and psychological stresses of withdrawal.

Other Opiate Detox Options

Detox and rehab facilities offer many treatment options. There are also 12-step programs, therapy-based treatments and opiate replacement programs. More and more people are opting for treatment with rapid opiate detoxification. The Waismann Institute in southern California is a leader in this field.
Rapid detox with the Waismann Method begins with intravenous medication that cleanses the drug from patients’ opiate receptors. It takes less than two hours and suppresses painful withdrawal symptoms. Our procedure is quick, safe and effective. Patients benefit from our intensive in-patient treatment that includes around-the-clock supervision. We never send our patients home or to a hotel to recover. We also offer an extended care program through our Domus Retreat for those patients who wish to transition in a safe, serene environment.

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