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Actiq Warnings and Addiction

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Strong warnings accompany opiate medications that have a tendency to be habit-forming and lead to misuse and abuse. Actiq is the solid version of fentanyl, a potent narcotic prescription drug. Actiq is available in the form of a lollipop, a trans-dermal patch and by injection. Actiq is considered to be several times more potent than morphine and is highly subject to abuse and diversion. It was designed to address breakthrough cancer pain but is often prescribed for off-label use. Patients are urged to take Actiq warnings seriously and cautiously. People who have had past problems with drug or alcohol addiction, are more susceptible to develop a dependency. Taking such powerful prescription painkillers therapeutically can lead to a problem. Oftentimes, this begins with a tolerance, which requires that patients take more and more to experience effects. In addition to pain relief, Actiq can cause sedation and feelings of euphoria.

Actiq Addiction and Withdrawal Can Be Hard to Handle Alone

Proper use of Actiq is essential and is explained clearly in every prescription’s accompanying label. Taking too much of the drug or taking it more often than what’s recommended is not advised. Opiate addiction is a serious problem and one that is happening with increasing frequency. A physical addiction to Actiq is marked by withdrawal, which can be very difficult to handle without professional help. A serious and/or lengthy addiction can result in a very painful withdrawal, which can include serious drug cravings, body aches and pains and vomiting and nausea. Actiq depresses the central nervous system and can cause a slowing of respiration. Combining Actiq with other substances that have this effect can be deadly. These include other narcotics, alcohol, tranquilizers, sedatives and hypnotics.

Waismann Method’s Medical Detox

Waismann Method is based only in Southern California and offers the most effective opiate detox that is based on science and medicine. Patients who put their trust in us can be detoxed quickly and safely from Actiq.  We perform our procedure in the safety of a full service accredited hospital, using intravenous medicine to cleanse the drug from patients’ opiate receptors. This takes place while patients are lightly sedated and resting comfortably in their private room. Our procedure speeds up the withdrawal phase and the symptoms are medically assisted to maximize comfort and effectiveness of the detoxification. Being able to essentially skip this phase is so important for patients who now have hope that a life free of Actiq addiction is possible. Our procedure lasts requires a few days inpatient instead of weeks or months in a traditional rehab. Patients continue their recovery work in our Domus Retreat recovery center.
While addiction to drugs such as Actiq can develop quickly, getting back to normal after detox might require some professional assistance. The effects of  addiction can be devastating – physically and emotionally; It can take a heavy toll on loved ones and even your own self esteem .  The healing can take some time, and experts at our Domus Retreat facility have made this transition so much easier for thousands of people.
Let us show you how we can help. You will be treated with the utmost respect and compassion.

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