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OxyContin Dependency Growing

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An increasing number of people are seeking treatment for dependency on OxyContin, according to a report Friday by a California drug treatment center.
The Waismann Institute’s 2004 Opiate Dependency Report said dependency on the powerful painkiller drug is catching up to that of the leading opiate painkiller, Vicodin. The center’s survey found 33 percent of patients seeking treatment there had a dependency to OxyContin, compared to 39 percent who sought help for a Vicodin dependency.
Clare Waismann, executive director, said in a statement, “Although OxyContin is sometimes abused to achieve a high often compared to heroin, our survey revealed that 66 percent of respondents dependent on OxyContin indicated that their dependency stemmed from a desire to stop pain.” Of that 66 percent, 44 percent said their dependency started after a doctor prescribed the drug, while 22 percent got the medication from a friend or relative. Thirty-four percent of respondents indicated they became dependent after taking the drug to get high.

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