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Fentora Detox

Fentora detox can be tough to manage alone. The body must rid itself of the drug and this process can be very uncomfortable. Fentora is a form of fentanyl, a very powerful prescription narcotic used to treat breakthrough cancer pain. The medication is used successfully and safely for many people suffering from pain but can be highly addicting and lead to the need for detox. So many people are scared of the withdrawal that comes with detox but they need to know there are options that can minimize – even eliminate – this suffering. Many opiate drug treatment programs focus only on the psychological aspect of addiction and put the focus on therapy or behavior modification. Results are mixed and success rates with more traditional methods are often low. Some programs focus more on treating the painful withdrawal symptoms associated with opiates. Sometimes, this is not enough. Oftentimes, a two-pronged approach is needed to treat both the physical and mental aspects.

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Fentora Addiction Can Develop with Regular or Recreational Use

The Waismann Method of rapid detox treats both the physical withdrawal and the psychological aspects that underlie Fentora addiction. Many of our patients did not set out to become addicted and we don’t use shame, blame or guilt to try and wean them. Many people begin to escalate use once a tolerance builds and pain relief is compromised. Fentora is also considered a drug of abuse and some purchase illegally diverted tablets to achieve a high. Either way, the rising number of painkillers being prescribed has had a direct effect on the number of people developing a dependency. Oftentimes, dependency issues can develop quickly with regular use. With traditional programs, the detoxification process can last a few days, depending on the drug and the length and frequency of use. It could be very dangerous for users to attempt to detox on their own. Serious medical issues could arise that require medical attention such as high blood pressure, seizure, hallucinations and convulsions. Many of these programs require weeks-long or months-long stays.

Fentora Detox Doesn’t Have to Take Weeks or Months

The Waismann Method realizes most patients do not have weeks or months to spend in a detox or rehab facility. Our compassionate and confidential program has proven safe and effective over the last decade with thousands of success stories. The actual procedure takes less than two hours and uses medicine to cleanse the drug from patients’ opiate receptors. This happens while patients are under deep sedation administered by board-certified anesthesiologists. The withdrawal phase is accelerated and occurs while the patient is sedated. They awake opiate-free without awareness of withdrawal symptoms that occurred. Our expert procedure does not use opiate substitutes such as methadone and Suboxone to treat opiate addiction. We also have a inclusive transitional living facility called Domus Retreat where patients can continue recovery in a  compassionate , supportive and private environment.

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