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MS Contin Abuse

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When it comes time to seek help for a prescription painkiller addiction, the Waismann Method offers a humane, safe and completely confidential alternative to long-term detox programs. Abusing MS Contin can include a wide range of risky behaviors that can lead to health and other problems. Most of our patients seek out our expertise after a legitimate prescription for pain leads to addiction. We don’t pass judgment or issue blame. We’re more interested in eradicating the addiction in the most effective way possible. MS Contin is the extended-release cousin to OxyContin , a derivative of the narcotic, oxycodone. The use of MS Contin for serious pain management can quickly lead to tolerance, meaning the body becomes used to the drug and no longer feels the pain-relieving effects at prescribed dosages. Escalating the use of MS Contin, or taking more than what’s prescribed, can lead to physical and mental dependence, even overdose. The use of MS Contin can also be recreational, meaning it’s taken as a means to achieve a high.

Indications that MS Contin Use Has Progressed to Abuse

Abuse can include overuse, tampering with the medication or combining it with other substances to heighten the effects. MS Contin is a central nervous system depressant. Combining it with other medications that have the same effect can be lethal. These include alcohol, sedative/hypnotics, tranquilizers and other opiates. A preoccupation with consuming or obtaining the drug can be an indication that physical and/or psychological dependence has developed. The drug is easily diverted and often sold on the black market. Common actions among abusers can include doctor-shopping to secure more than one supply, bogus call-ins for refills and falsification of prescriptions. Using MS Contin in any way that contradicts labeling instructions on use and warnings can constitute abuse.

Waismann Method Has Opiate-Free Rapid Detox for MS Contin Addiction

MS Contin is a powerful tool in the quest for serious pain management and can be taken effectively without incident. However, for many, especially those who have suffered prior addictions, use can escalate and lead to addiction. Our renowned rapid opiate detox is performed in an accredited hospital under close supervision of doctors and other professionals. The Waismann Method of rapid detox takes less than two hours and uses medicine to cleanse MS Contin from patients’ opiate receptors. This happens while they sleep under deep sedation administered by board-certified anesthesiologists. The withdrawal phase is accelerated and occurs while the patient is sedated. They awake opiate-free without awareness of withdrawal symptoms that occurred while they were out. We don’t use opiate replacements such as Suboxone or methadone in our treatment. The entire hospital stay is a few days, getting patients back on their feet in much less time than traditional drug treatment programs. Domus Retreat, our transitional aftercare facility, is also available for those who wish to continue their recovery in a safe, confidential environment.

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