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Fentora Abuse

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Fentora abuse is a serious problem but fortunately one that can be treated quickly and safely. Fentora is a prescription tablet that contains fentanyl, a very powerful narcotic used to treat breakthrough cancer pain that isn’t controlled by other medications. Unfortunately, it has great potential for abuse and addiction. Fentora can be illegally diverted from hospitals, pharmacies and patients with legitimate prescriptions. It also is illegally sold and traded on the black market. The Waismann Method of rapid detox offers expert Fentora detox that is safe, effective and confidential. Many of our patients develop a tolerance to prescription painkillers which may lead them to escalate use or misuse it in other ways. This is very dangerous and the risks include addiction, respiratory depression, overdose and death. Some recreational users take Fentora to achieve a high. Mixing it with other substances to increase its potency can be lethal. Fentora is a central nervous system depressant so other substances that share this effect (alcohol, tranquilizers, heroin, other narcotic medications, sleeping pills) should not be used with Fentora. Signs of Fentora abuse are unmistakable and early treatment is important.

What are the Signs of Fentora Abuse?

Each prescription medication spells out information on use, the potential for abuse and other warnings. These directions should be followed exactly. Fentora is a powerful treatment in fighting serious pain but can lead to addiction even over a short-term period. Taking more Fentora than what’s prescribed constitutes abuse. Taking it more often than what’s prescribed is another sign. Crushing, chewing or otherwise breaking the pill to “rush” effects is also abusive behavior and can result in overdose and death. Fentora abuse can be considered any action that directly goes against a doctor’s instructions or the directions on the medication. Other examples of abuse can include: taking the drug against medical advice or after the prescription for treatment runs out; and taking it in conjunction with other substances to increase effects. Fentora abuse and addiction can also include a mental preoccupation with obtaining and consuming the drug.

Professional Rapid Detox for Fentora Abuse

The Waismann Method offers a treatment option that rids patients of opiates in a matter of hours without using dangerous opiate replacements including Suboxone and methadone. Our world-class rapid detox eradicates opiates through a pioneering procedure performed in an accredited hospital. Here, patients are admitted for a few days where they first undergo a battery of tests to check possible internal damage of organs or the gastrointestinal system. The procedure uses medications to cleanse Fentora from patients’ opiate receptors. During this, the patient sleeps lightly under deep sedation and awakes without awareness of the accelerated withdrawal that occurred. The procedure takes an hour and a half or less and patients remain in the hospital for two to four days for around-the-clock monitoring. Our supportive, caring staff is there every step of the way to encourage patients and offer supportive care. Our Domus Retreat transitional living facility is also available for those wishing to continue their recovery.

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