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Rapid Detox: The Nation's Premier Opioid Detox Center

Welcome to Waismann Method, the longest-running rapid detox program in the nation. If you’re struggling with opioid dependence or addiction, you know how challenging it can be to stop taking opioids without suffering intense and painful withdrawal symptoms. That’s where our advanced rapid detox protocols come in.

Since 1998, our rapid detox center has been nationally and internationally recognized for its unrivaled reputation and dedication to patient care. We offer the nation’s most advanced rapid detox protocols, conducted in the privacy of an accredited hospital’s ICU room by our world-renowned quadruple board-certified medical director, Michael H. Lowenstein, M.D.

Rapid Detox : Waismann Method®

Our unique protocols have helped thousands of patients achieve freedom from opioid addiction and reclaim their lives. We offer a range of solutions at our rapid detoxification center, including fentanyl detox, Suboxone detox, and other rapid opioid detoxification protocols.

When you’re ready to put drug abuse behind you and take the first step toward recovery, we’re here to guide you through a confidential consultation to determine which treatment option is right for you. Don’t let addiction control your life any longer. Let Waismann Method provide the nation’s safest rapid detox protocol so you can break free from opioids and start living the life you deserve.

Waismann Method Rapid Detox is widely regarded as the leading sedation opioid detoxification program in the United States. Our program was founded by Clare Waismann, a renowned Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS) and Substance Use Disorder Certified Counselor (SUDCC), and is based in California. Our team is committed to delivering effective and professional addiction treatment services of the highest quality. For information call 1-800-423-2482.

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What Is Rapid Detox?

Rapid detox is a medical procedure conducted in a hospital that’s designed to expedite the process of detoxification from opioids. Its goal is to reduce the discomfort related to withdrawal symptoms, eliminate physical cravings, and hasten the recovery of the nervous system, aspects which are often among the most challenging in a recovery journey for many individuals.

This procedure typically involves the administration of antagonist medications, which induce withdrawal faster while the patient is under sedation or anesthesia. This enables the patient to sleep through the most severe symptoms that might otherwise last for days or even weeks.

The primary benefit of rapid detox is that it can help patients overcome their physical dependence on drugs. However, while the procedure proves effective for most, it doesn’t serve as a behavioral or mental health treatment. Instead, it’s an efficient treatment for opioid dependence. While Waismann Method is widely recognized as the leading rapid detox program, it is also commonly referred to by several other names, including sedation detox, ultra-rapid opiate detox, accelerated detox, and opiate detox under anesthesia.


But that’s not all; fast drug detox protocols also help eliminate the physical cravings that are often the culprit of an early relapse. Additionally, because the process speeds up the nervous system recovery, patients have a much greater chance to sustain recovery and achieve long-term sobriety.

However, it is essential to remember that there are significant differences among rapid detox centers. For example, there are places promising detoxification under sedation as a reversal of years of drug abuse in as little as a day. These less-than-trustworthy treatment centers lack the understanding of a multifaceted condition or the responsibility necessary to help a patient truly recover. Opioid detox under sedation is a very safe and effective way to treat opioid use disorder. So, does rapid detox work? Only when performed in an accredited hospital by a board-certified experienced physician and with adequate inpatient care before, during, and after detoxification.

We understand that you may have concerns about the safety and effectiveness of a rapid detox program, as well as doubts regarding long-term results.

But we are here to tell you that rapid detox under sedation is one of the most effective ways to successfully overcome opioid withdrawal symptoms, achieve complete detoxification, reduce physical cravings, and speed up the nervous system’s recovery. Our program has helped thousands of patients overcome their addiction and regain control of their lives.

In addition to providing individuals with an effective way to overcome opioid dependence and substance abuse, this process also allows patients to be emotionally present to participate in the mental health treatment indicated for their unique health needs. When someone is using opioids, their thought process and emotions are compromised, making it difficult to engage in mental health treatment or other recovery therapies. Rapid detox allows you to have the clarity you need to actively participate in therapy or any other recovery treatment program you need to sustain a healthy and opiate-free life.

We take the safety and well-being of our patients seriously, and we have the experience, expertise, and resources necessary to provide you with the best possible care. If you’re ready to take the first step towards overcoming drug addiction, our rapid detox program can help you get there. Contact us today to learn more and start your journey toward a healthier and opiate-free life.

Rapid Detoxification Safety and Results

Are you searching for a reputable rapid detox center near you to combat opioid withdrawal symptoms effectively? It’s crucial to choose a detox program that prioritizes your safety. Unfortunately, not all rapid detox centers possess the necessary expertise and focus more on financial gains. This article will highlight the risks associated with less qualified centers and provide valuable insights on avoiding them, helping you find a reliable rapid detox center near you.

Ensuring Your Safety: The Importance of a Qualified Rapid Detox Program

When it comes to rapid drug detoxification, the expertise of the center you choose is paramount. Inadequately qualified centers may compromise patient safety, leading to potential risks and subpar results. To protect yourself and ensure successful detoxification, consider the following:

Non-accredited hospitals lack proper medical care, which puts patients at unnecessary risk. Look for a rapid drug detoxification accredited by programs like JCAHO.

Rapid opiate detox methods require comprehensive medical evaluation and physical stabilization, which cannot be done on the same day as rapid detoxification. Avoid treatment centers that don't allow for a thorough and responsible admission process.

Highly trained medical personnel with board certifications understand the unique physiological and psychological aspects of addiction and recovery. Ensure that the treating doctor is board-certified and has extensive experience in opiate detoxification under anesthesia.

Not all patients are suitable candidates for ultra-rapid detoxification under anesthesia. Choose a detox program that offers a variety of treatment options and personalized care to meet your unique needs.

After detox, your body is in the process of readjusting to functioning without opioids. This can lead to disruptions in physiological processes that require medical attention. Stay in a secure environment with trained professionals to prevent emotional crises, relapse, and even overdose.

While rapid detox can be an effective detox process for opioid addiction, it is important to note that it is not a cure for mental health disorders or behavioral health conditions. It is crucial to seek the guidance and expertise of a board-certified addiction medicine specialist before attempting cold turkey detox or any form of opioid antagonist drugs.

Our licensed medical professionals are dedicated to helping you receive treatment and safely overcome opioid withdrawal. Our rapid detox program is designed to minimize the risk of severe adverse events including life-threatening ones, that can occur in less adequate and high-risk rapid opiate detox programs.

Benefits of Rapid Detox

Rapid opioid detox can offer several benefits for those struggling with opioid abuse. The benefits of opioid detox under sedation may include the following:

  • Nearly 100% achievement of complete opioid detoxification in a shorter time than traditional methods
  • A comfortable medical detox process can be achieved using the opioid antagonist naloxone, which allows patients to sleep through acute withdrawal while under sedation.
  • Speeds nervous system recovery for a quicker return to feeling better.
  • Nearly eliminating physical cravings for opioids, allowing patients to return to their daily routines quickly.
  • Increased likelihood of seeking treatment for substance abuse, as patients don’t have to endure discomfort associated with traditional methods.
  • Ability to immediately initiate Naltrexone or Vivitrol therapy to reduce physical cravings and avoid relapse.

Undergoing rapid detox can allow individuals to be free from physical dependence and drug use, enabling them to actively participate in support groups or other behavioral health treatments that may be appropriate for their specific case.

 While rapid detox can be highly effective for some individuals, it may not be the best option for everyone. That’s why it’s important to choose a rapid detox center that offers a range of medical detox options and substance abuse services tailored to the individual’s needs.

Treatment should be patient-centered, meaning that it should be designed to meet the unique needs and circumstances of each patient rather than expecting the patient to conform to a one-size-fits-all program. Ultimately, the goal of rapid detox or any substance abuse treatment program should be to provide a safe and supportive environment that helps patients successfully get through the withdrawal process and achieve and maintain lasting recovery.

Choosing a reputable rapid detox center with experienced medical professionals who prioritize patient safety and adhere to recommended safety protocols and procedures is essential. Before undergoing addiction treatment, ask about accreditations, hotel discharge policies, and admission procedures. Look for a rapid detox center that offers comprehensive care and individualized treatment plans to ensure your safety and comfort during detoxification.

“As medical professionals, it’s our responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients. Providing a safe and supportive environment can help patients achieve long-term sobriety and a healthier, happier life. If you’re considering rapid detox methods as the first step towards overcoming opioid addiction, we encourage you to research and choose a provider that puts patient safety before profits.” – Michael H. Lowenstein, M.D.

The all-inclusive rapid detox under sedation costs $19,800 for five days of inpatient care, $21,800 for seven days, and $24,800 for ten days, which includes two to four days at the hospital and the remaining days at our exclusive recovery center, Domus Retreat. Unfortunately, insurance coverage is not available for any part of the program. Before admission, our staff will assess each patient’s individual health needs and discuss treatment options, recommending the necessary length of inpatient care based on their unique situation.

Rapid Detoxification Services Include:

  • All-inclusive services, such as transportation, meals, and lodging from the time of admission.
  • Private rooms at a JCAHO-accredited hospital for 2 to 4 days, ensuring a comfortable and secure environment.
  • An extensive inpatient medical pre-evaluation. This evaluation includes the regulation of vital signs and electrolyte abnormalities, cardiovascular assessment, and overall stabilization to ensure that patients are physically prepared for the procedure.
  • Our patients have access to multi-specialty services from cardiologists, pulmonologists, and intensive care specialists to ensure they receive the highest level of care. This is critical for patients suffering from opioid dependency, especially those who are at high-risk due to conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, or smokers.
  • Rapid detoxification in a private ICU room, where experienced medical professionals monitor the patient’s condition and comfort during the procedure.
  • Vivitrol shot when indicated, a non-addictive medication that significantly reduces cravings and prevents relapse.
  • A few days of inpatient recovery care in our exclusive six-patient retreat, where patients can focus on their recovery in a peaceful and supportive environment.
  • One-on-one counseling during the patient’s stay and the first couple of weeks after discharge, providing mental health support and practical tools for a successful recovery.
  • Several therapeutic services, including IV therapy and massage to ease the recovery process and promote overall well-being.

The Commitment to Our Patients

We are committed to providing the highest level of care and support for our patients, helping them to overcome opioid addiction and dependence, and regain control of their lives. Our rapid drug detox  offers a successful and medically supervised approach to enable patients to overcome opiate dependence. We provide comprehensive care from medical detox, craving management, and nervous system recovery to physical and emotional adjustment support. Our team deeply cares about each patient, aiming to create a positive and successful treatment experience as they embark on a new journey toward wellness.


 “We never forget that this is about the individual, not just the condition. We do everything in our power to help ensure a comfortable and successful recovery process.” 

                                                                                                              — M. H. Lowenstein M.D.

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Waismann Method - A Opioid Detox Center Above the Rest

In conclusion:

 So many people ask, “Is rapid detox effective?” The answer is yes. Rapid opiate detox is the best first step to overcome opioid addiction. If you are struggling with medication-assisted treatments (MATs) such as Suboxone or methadone, prescription painkillers, or illicit drugs such as fentanyl, rapid detox is probably the best first step. However, you need to choose a provider that prioritizes your safety and well-being, rather than one that promises you an overnight miracle.

 At Waismann Method Rapid Detox Center, we are committed to providing superior medical care and support for individuals struggling with opioid addiction. We understand that one of the biggest concerns for individuals seeking substance abuse treatment is the fear of experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Our rapid detox program offers a unique approach that is safer, more effective, and more comfortable than other opiate detox methods.

With over 24 years of experience, a highly qualified treating physician, a JCAHO-accredited hospital, and an exclusive recovery retreat, we are confident in our ability to help patients achieve their recovery goals. We prioritize the individual needs of each patient, and our goal is to ensure a comfortable and successful recovery process. If you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction, please contact us today to learn more about our rapid detox methods and how we can help on the journey toward wellness.

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