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Zydone Side Effects

Though side effects cannot be fully anticipated when taking a prescription medication, it’s important to know the possible side effects that could develop with use. Zydone can cause effects that include nausea, constipation and euphoria. This and other narcotic medications can also lead to other problems including tolerance, physical and psychological addiction, overdose and the need for medical detox. The opiate-based painkiller carries a label that spells out instructions on use, information on allergic reaction, possible interactions and other warnings. Not every patient will experience the same side effects with Zydone. For some, effects will begin soon after the first dose. For others, the onset could take longer. Zydone is the brand name for hydrocodone, a potent narcotic analgesic, and acetaminophen, a non-narcotic pain reliever. This same combination is also marketed as Lortab, Vicodin, Xodol and Norco. It’s meant for treating moderate to severe pain and the suppression of chronic cough.

Zydone: Side Effects, Allergic Reaction and Other Warnings

Whether taking opiates at therapeutic levels or abusing them, many users report sluggish bowel movements. Side effects can include sedation, euphoria, dizziness, fatigue, depression, tremors, sleeplessness, anxiousness, flu-like symptoms, upset stomach, dry mouth, pupil constriction, itching, hallucination, delirium, sweating, muscle and bone pain, confusion, extreme irritability and muscle spasms. Severe side effects can include severe respiratory depression, confusion or stupor, coma, clammy skin, circulatory collapse and cardiac arrest. An allergic reaction is also possible with Zydone and signs include rash, wheezing, difficult breathing, closing of the throat, hives or swelling of the lips, face, tongue or throat. Zydone should be taken exactly as prescribed to avoid serious effects. Altering the dose in any way can be dangerous. Those who have been addicted to alcohol or drugs can be more prone to opiate addiction. Taking it with alcohol can cause slowed breathing. Drowsiness can be magnified by patients who take hydrocodone with other narcotics, allergy medication and sleeping pills.

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Safe, Confidential Zydone Detox Offered by Waismann Method

The Waismann Method of rapid detox offers a pioneering solution to Zydone addiction that can get you opiate free in just a few days. The most obvious sign of a physical addiction to Zydone is the onset of withdrawal symptoms once use is stopped or gradually lessened. Our expertly-designed program can get you opiate free in a matter of days, putting safety, comfort and confidentiality first. The difficult withdrawal period is accelerated with our rapid detox procedure, which takes place in a fully-accredited hospital in southern California. Patients sleep lightly for a short time while under deep sedation. Medication is administered at this point to cleanse the Zydone from patients’ opiate receptors. The withdrawal symptoms occur while patients are under and they awake without the awareness they went through it. We don’t use opiate replacement therapy to treat opiate addiction so there is no need to worry about becoming addicted to another opiate and having to go through a second detox. We also offer continued care in our Domus Retreat transitional living facility.

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