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ZUBSOLV® – Uses, Effects and Treatment Options

The opioid epidemic is a classic case of the cure being worse than the disease. In seeking to treat pain, doctors prescribed powerful drugs, to which many of their patients became addicted. Over the past two decades, opioid addiction has become widespread, destroying communities and leading people to even more dangerous substances, such as heroin. Physicians and researchers have thus been struggling to develop effective treatments for opioid dependence. One such solution is Zubsolv, a medication designed for maintenance therapy. Though useful in addressing opioid dependence, this drug is highly addictive in its own right, requiring doctors to show great caution when prescribing it.

What is ZUBSOLV®?

ZUBSOLV® is a sublingual tablet containing naloxone and buprenorphine, two substances that block the effects of opioids on the brain. Patients often take this medication once a day to counter withdrawal symptoms and relieve pain. While other medications also use buprenorphine and naloxone, this particular brand is known for its:

  • Short dissolution time
  • High bio-availability
  • Minimal tablet size
  • Unique menthol flavor

Zubsolv contains opioids in a smaller dosage than most prescription painkillers have. As a result, it can partially replace other opioid products’ effects and thus help address withdrawal symptoms. Because it contains opioids, however, it carries a risk of addiction and potentially deadly side effects.

Some of the most common side effects include:

  • Feelings of dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Red or flushed skin, particularly around the face
  • Side, abdominal, and lower back pain
  • Urinary problems or pain
  • Sweating
  • Headaches


Although unpleasant, these symptoms are usually not life-threatening. More severe side effects, for which you should consult a doctor immediately, include:

  • Blurry vision
  • Breathing troubles
  • Severe, persistent drowsiness or sleepiness
  • Blue or pale skin, lips, or fingernails


Although these are the most common side effects, it is not a complete list. For any medical advice or questions regarding this drug, please call your doctor.

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Considerations Before Taking this Drug

Given its dangerous side effects, only individual patients can take Zubsolv. If you are allergic to buprenorphine or naloxone, are pregnant, or breastfeeding should not take this drug without talking to your doctor. Also, let the prescribing doctor know if you have a history of respiratory problems, or any other internal organ issues, as those could decide if treatment should be initiated. It is also important not to exceed and maintain the prescribed dose of Zubsolv. It is always better to err on the side caution by taking too little rather than too much.

When talking to your doctor being treated with Zubsolv, ensure your entire and accurate medical history. Tell your doctor if you plan to become pregnant because this drug might affect fertility. Furthermore, discuss any medication you take, including other prescription drugs. When drug interactions are not well-considered, the combination can result in death.

ZUBSOLV® Addiction

As with any opioid-based medication, the body can become dependent on Zubsolv, meaning you will experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it. This condition is called physical dependence. Although physical dependence is a physiological phenomenon and not a behavior one, it often leads to addiction. Addiction is marked by an inability to stop taking the drug regardless of its negative consequences. For this reason, patients taking Zubsolv must follow their physicians’ instructions in detail and not take it in larger doses than recommended. Patients who do not want to continue taking the medication, or those who skippered or missed a dose, should also consult their doctors discontinuing altogether.

In case you decide to stop taking any opioid drug, remember, selling or giving your prescription is illegal and can result in others’ death. Store your medications in a secure place and discard the unused portions.

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What are Zubsolv’s withdrawal symptoms, and how long do they last?

The longer you have been taking the opioid drug, the greater the likelihood of experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Also, the daily dose of Zubsolv is a factor that can influence the length and severity of withdrawal symptoms, which include:

  • Insomnia – dependence makes it more difficult to sleep intake is interrupted.
  • Mood Issues – Those undergoing withdrawal often experience anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. This is particularly likely if mental illness is the root cause of the addiction they were taking to treat.
  • Cramps – Patients who are undergoing Zubsolv withdrawal are likely to experience stomach and abdominal cramps, often accompanied by feelings of nausea.
  • Other Symptoms – Zubsolv withdrawal can cause tremors, sweating, fever, a runny nose, and various other physical symptoms.

Withdrawal is different for each patient, and recovery takes longer for some than for others. As a general rule, the symptoms are most acute during the first few weeks after you stop taking the drug but slowly begin to improve after that point. After a month, many find that withdrawal has subsided enough that the positive effects of quitting outweigh the negatives, making it easier to stay clean. Full recovery often takes 90 days. Withdrawal is an individual experience, however, so it is essential to set deadlines for ZUBSOLV® detox that works for you.


It is generally not advisable to stop taking Zubsolv all at once. Instead, you have the option to seek a doctor, which might ease you off the drug. Medically avoiding the worst withdrawal symptoms increases the chance of a successful recovery. Specific steps vary by patient, but in general, you should eat a balanced diet, perform light exercises regularly, maintain an active social life, and keep yourself busy. These measures will keep you healthy while distracting you from the worst withdrawal symptoms.

For those who cannot titrate from buprenorphine drugs outpatient, we offer rapid detox, also known as anesthesia detox. Rapid detox for Zubsolv is a safe and effective alternative for detoxification. With rapid detox, a board-certified anesthesiologist uses an infusion of FDA-approved drugs to remove all the opioids from the receptor sites quickly. Once the procedure is over, patients are opioid-free, and Vivitrol or Naltrexone therapy can start.

Patients from all over the world travel to Southern California to receive the exclusive WAISMANN TREATMENT®. Although rapid detox takes approximately 40 to 90 minutes, people remain in-patient for 5 to 10 days for comprehensive health evaluations and recovery care.

For more information on detox and other opioid treatment options, contact the Waismann Method Treatment Center today at 1-855-539-3787

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