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Subutex Addiction

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It is approved in the U.S. for treatment of opiate addiction by preventing withdrawal symptoms from heroin and prescription painkillers such as OxyContinFentanyl and Codeine. Intended use is for the beginning of drug addiction treatment. It comes in sublingual pills which dissolve under the tongue. The U.S. classifies Subutex as a Schedule III Controlled Substance based on its potential to be habit-forming, causing dependence. Buprenorphine is a partial agonist and chronic use can lead to opiate dependence and withdrawal once use is stopped abruptly.


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The Problems with Replacement Opiate Therapy

Subutex maintenance therapy may be helpful for many patients in the beginning phase of treatment. Additionally, physicians prescribe it as an opiate replacement to help patients transition from other opiates.  However, the problem is the potential for abuse, dependence, and addiction which may require a second detox. Without the appropriate medical treatment, detox from Subutex can cause a relapse and painful withdrawals from Subutex. Common withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, diarrhea, fever, sneezing, runny nose, abnormal skin sensations, vomiting, nausea, pain, rigid muscles,high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, shivering, tremors, sweating and insomnia. In conclusion, replacement therapy with Subutex essentially switches out one addiction for another.

Subutex Addiction Can Lead to Numerous Personal and Physical Problems

Addiction is a progressive condition which can be fatal. Subutex dependency and addiction can ruin lives, derail careers and destroy relationships. Moreover, it can lead to legal trouble, estrangement among family members, depression, physical problems and death. Abuse and addiction rates are soaring among prescription drug users. The fear of experiencing withdrawal may keep some users using. They often employ defense mechanisms including denial and rationalization to justify their use and behavior. For many users, when it comes to going “cold turkey,” the success rates aren’t encouraging. Meanwhile, many addiction experts say patients who seek treatment early have a better chance of long-term recovery. However, we believe no one is ever a lost cause.

Subutex Addiction Can Be Treated Successfully

Patients dependent upon or addicted to Subutex can benefit from safe, confidential addiction treatment.  Waismann Method opiate treatment is a safe and proven protocol for opiate dependency that utilizes the most advanced medical and psychological techniques available. We customize our detoxification and aftercare programs to each patient’s individual needs and dependency history. Furthermore, we combine the most advanced medical treatment with personalized assessment and aftercare for Subutex addiction. From rapid opiate detoxification under sedation, to medically assisted detoxification and other forms of treatment at Domus Retreat, our doctors, therapists and staff work with patients to create personalized treatment and aftercare plans that ensure a healthy and effective transition to life without opiates.  Waismann Method patients achieve an extraordinarily high success rate because the treatment doesn’t take a cookie cutter approach to addressing opiate dependency. We always put treatment and care over blame and punishment.

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Waismann Method VS Other Detox Centers

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Waismann Method Treatment Entails:

* Because opiate and alcohol withdrawal can lead to medical complications, treatment by a multi board-certified M.D. is pertinent.

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