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Rapid Detox Safety, Risks and Benefits

Rapid Detox safety greatly relies on where the procedure is performed, the anesthesiologist’s experience, and the length of medical care. There are no miracles or overnight cure, but there surely is a responsible and effective medical treatment protocol available for those suffering from opioid use disorder.

Is Rapid Detox a Safe Procedure?

Rapid detox can be one of the safest and most effective forms of opioid detoxification when done responsibly. All too often, patients lack the most valuable information when searching for the best detox center. Safety should be your number one priority when choosing a rapid detox center. However, patient safety is put in jeopardy by some Rapid Detox Centers whose financial greed has led them to lower costs by reducing adequate inpatient time and available medical resources. Recently, “rapid detox” has become a catch-all term, encompassing a broad range of unregulated overnight treatments. Consequently, to treat more patients, these centers repeatedly ignore necessary safety protocols, ultimately jeopardizing patients’ comfort and well-being.

A growing number of drug treatment centers are using the term “Rapid Detox,” “48-Hour Detox”, “Anesthesia Detox,” and “Ultra Rapid Detoxification” to describe some different procedures. Some still use general anesthesia, and others in inadequate overnight surgical facilities or outpatient clinics, which do not provide the additional medical resources a patient might need during treatment.

When anesthesia assisted detox is carried out without following sufficient or even basic safety standards, the results can prove tragic. Some of the consequences of these irresponsible practices cause unnecessary physical and emotional distress for patients and their families, immediate relapse, ER admissions, and even fatalities in hotel rooms.

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An Accredited Hospital Increases Rapid Detox Safety

A safe, rapid detox should be performed in a full-service accredited hospital where different medical specialists are available. For instance, hospitals provide immediate availability of medical resources that clinics and surgery centers cannot. At the Waismann Institute, we have medical experts with almost two decades of experience. As a result, our team has created a superior protocol to ensure the detoxification treatment’s safety and efficacy.

Doctors can assess and assist with the following conditions:

  • Cardiac issues
  • Diabetes
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Blood pressure conditions
  • Smoking habits
  • Obesity
  • Consumption of multiple substances

Our specialists are available to consult and advise additional treatment options designed to meet each patient’s specific medical needs.

Waismann Method Medical Group has maintained a reputation for almost two decades of unmatched experience with opioid treatment, unparalleled dedication and superior medical care.

Thorough Inpatient Medical Evaluation

Patients are admitted to the hospital at least one day before anesthesia detox. From the comfort of their private room, each patient undergoes a thorough and individualized evaluation. This process is necessary for our medical experts to understand how to proceed best and design the most effective treatment course.

Some say they cannot financially afford the Waismann treatment, and that is entirely understandable, but can your health and well-being afford an inferior version?

Highest Standards of Medical Care

The Waismann Method® Medical Director, Dr. M. H. Lowenstein, MD, has performed thousands of anesthesia-assisted rapid detox procedures for patients who travel to our center from around the world. However, we have concentrated all our efforts into one exclusive location in Southern California for those seeking our extensive knowledge, experience, and unparalleled success. Once a patient has been pre-screened, our Quadruple-Board Certified Medical Director, with over 21 years of experience, will closely supervise and perform the medical opiate detox. In effect, he will provide the patient with the best opioid detox treatment option based on their dependence history, medical conditions, and individual needs.

Patients that undergo Waismann anesthesia detox have their private rooms, where they will receive Dr. Lowenstein’s undivided attention. Accelerated Assisted Detox (Rapid Detox) requires sedation and other medications, resulting in safe, comfortable, and efficient opiate detoxification. The precise combinations and amounts of these medicines are crucial factors in making the process more pleasant and successful.   

Contact us and learn more about the best treatment options available for you!

Sedation vs. General Anesthesia for Rapid Detox

Medicine continuously evolves, and Waismann Method® has been the driving force in the medical opiate treatment evolution. Our team has been performing rapid detox since the late ’90s. General anesthesia was part of the protocol. However, because of our pioneering efforts in this field, we understand that general anesthesia is not only unnecessary, but it can also be significantly uncomfortable and even dangerous.

Rapid Detox protocols that use general anesthesia for 2-5 hours (or more) are considered archaic and unsafe. In essence, these protocols tend to jeopardize safety and pose additional risks to the patient. The Waismann Method of Rapid Detoxification uses sedation. As a result, we can avoid general anesthesia and all of its associated risks. Waismann Method® Treatment Center employs the latest medical advances to make a shorter sedation period possible for patients. This process tends to be the safest alternative to general anesthesia.

Post-Rapid Detox Recovery Care

It is crucial to the treatment’s success that the patient has the appropriate support physically and emotionally throughout this transitional period. Organs are working hard to find a new baseline; functions like heart rate, blood pressure, fluid absorption, body temperature, and brain chemistry are trying to regulate. While this process can be smooth and natural for some patients, others may find it challenging.

Other Rapid Detox Centers discharge patients to a hotel immediately after detox, under a loved one’s care. As much as family members or friends may desire to help, they are not appropriately trained to deal with the emotional instability resulting from chemical imbalances. Anxiety, emotional outbursts, and relapse are all possibilities after detoxification. However, when patients receive immediate care from professionals trained in diffusing and resolving these situations, they tend to improve quickly. This increases the chances of detox success and long-term recovery.

Private Drug Recovery Retreat

The Waismann Method® has partnered with Domus Retreat Recovery Center, a highly innovative facility unlike any other in the United States. There is absolutely no judgment or pre-existing formulas. Domus Retreat functions as a healing sanctuary where each individual is treated based on their unique needs. As a result, there are no cookie-cutter treatments or chores for patients. The goal at Domus Retreat is for clients to achieve a stabilization level that allows them to begin healing. Some only require a few days, while others choose to stay longer and work on reducing pain, anxiety, depression, or restoring healthy sleep patterns.

Domus will adapt the program to each individual’s situation. Every person deserves support while building self-confidence and inner strength as they receive loving, constructive, and judgment-free treatment.

If Rapid Detox Safety is Your Priority, Waismann Method® is the Smart Choice.

If you are considering rapid detox and its safety, be sure to thoroughly research your options and examine each detox center’s fundamental reputation, protocol standards, and experience. Waismann Method ensures the safest and most effective rapid detox treatment currently available.

Call 1-800-423-2482 today and learn about the many individualized options we can offer you. Ask our experts why we have been the premier rapid detox center for over 21 years. We are here for you seven days a week!

Waismann Method staff hopes that an industry-wide standard of responsible medicine will be the norm for opioid treatmnet programs. Meanwhile, we will continue to work diligently to educate the public about what constitutes the safest and most effective rapid detox treatment.  

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