Drug Detox and Addiction Treatments in Pennsylvania

If you are looking for the best drug detox or drug rehab clinic in Pennsylvania, you might have to search a little further.

Searching for the best drug treatment or rehab centers in Pennsylvania can be an exhausting task. Many rehab facilities in Pennsylvania include Suboxone or Methadone maintenance as part of the treatment process; these options might be safer for some, but just an extension of an addiction to others.

Opiate addiction and abuse have become extremely problematic in this Northeastern state, as in many other parts of the country. Drugs containing hydrocodone and oxycodone have presented the biggest problem for law enforcement agencies, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Prescription painkillers have been widely overprescribed in the last decade and has caused a wide opioid epidemic in the United States. Even patients who have had a legitimate prescription for drugs such as OxyContin, Percocet, or Vicodin, could become addicted after developing a physiological tolerance.

In 2014 the National Drug Threat Assessment reported heroin as the biggest drug threat in the region while controlled prescription drugs remain the second.  Heroin abuse seems to be rising in these areas as prescription opioid drugs become harder to get.


Opioid Addiction in the Northeast

Due to lack of proper border patrol, the heroin market in the Northeast and in most of the USA has been partially controlled by Mexican cartels. In 2015 the National Heroin Threat Assessment prepared by the DEA, reported the northeastern US, including Baltimore, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York City, are some of the most prominent white powder heroin markets in the United States.

The governor of Massachusetts declared opioid abuse and dependence one of the greatest public health concerns in 2014. Deaths from opioid overdoses, jumped 90 percent since 2002. Vermont has been considered one of the states with the highest rate of drug abuse in the entire country, with  2,258 people receiving free drug treatment and more than heroin abusers on the waiting lists. Rhode Island has reported some of the highest drug use in America; with 239 drug overdose deaths in 2014 and  90 percent involved opioids drugs.

The prolonged used of opioids often cause people to escalate their use, which can be a dangerous turning point. The adequate control of these prescribed drugs has failed over the last decade, which has caused a significant number of individuals turning to heroin abuse and the cause of so many overdoses. Finally, the federal, state and local authorities have stepped up their efforts to cut down on this problem. Pennsylvania is one of many states to implement a prescription drug monitoring program, a database that helps identify instances of irresponsible prescribing practices and illegal activity.  Even though all these efforts have been put in place, there are still not enough quality drug detox or treatment centers available for the ones already affected.


Finding an Prescription Opiate or Heroin Addiction Treatment

Painkiller opiates or heroin addiction can have harmful effects on so many facets of an individual’s life. Selecting the best drug rehab and or the best detox it is not a decision to be arrived at lightly or made based on convenience.  If you are looking for the best rehab center anywhere and travel is an option, the Waismann Method has been considered the top rated opiate detox and treatment facility in the country—the highest detox rates for medical opiate detoxification in history.

A drug rehab that promotes a one-size-fits-all plan is probably not the wise choice. Instead, individuals should look for a drug treatment center with specific knowledge and expertise on the drug you are seeking help for.


While many facilities claim to offer Rapid Detox, they do not have the experience or the credentials needed for a successful and safe opioid detoxification. As a result, they do not offer the needed multiple medical options, and patients comfort and success are compromised.  Don’t be fooled by overnight miracle solutions offering painless detox. Do your due diligence; when you decide it is time for treatment, the first step is to educate yourself on what’s available.


Contact several drug treatment centers that appeal to you and ask some vital questions, such as:

  1. What kind of doctors are available at the facility for immediate assistance?
  2. How many years of experience has the treating physician on Anesthesia Detox?
  3. If Anesthesia Detox is not an option due to medical issues, are there other medical detoxifications options available?
  4. How many rapid detox procedures has the treating physician performed in his career?
  5. If the patient needs to remain in the medical facility for additional medical care and observation, is that a possibility or do they need to be transferred to another location?
  6. What are the facility and doctor credentials?
  7. Are private rooms provided throughout treatment or are you sided by side with a stranger?
  8. Is the treatment customize to each individual seeking help?


Overall, the best drug treatment programs should always offer to assist patients from intake through aftercare. The goal isn’t just to help someone get through the detox, but make sure their comfort, safety, and success are achieved.  The Waismann Method has kept an unparalleled reputation for excellent care and superior results for nearly 20 years. Patients travel  from Pennsylvania and all over the world to receive the best opiate treatment available.

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