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Xodol Rehab

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A proper Xodol rehab will address all aspects of addiction. Devastating physical and psychological issues can arise from the overuse or misuse of the semi-synthetic opioid. Xodol, a prescription narcotic painkiller, contains hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Hydrocodone is an opioid painkiller that has the potential to be habit-forming. Acetaminophen is a non-narcotic pain reliever used in many over-the-counter medications. Xodol is meant to relieve moderate to severe pain. Once a dependency has developed, patients may experience serious cravings that don’t subside unless more of the drug is taken. Rehab is a collective term that includes different programs and services that try to treat drug or alcohol addiction. The Waismann Method stands out in a crowded field of opiate rehabs. For more than a decade, we’ve been successfully and safely treating opiate addiction. We make Xodol detox comfortable and we achieve it quickly, allowing patients to get back on their feet in less time than other facilities. Also, our programming is always completely humane and discreet, and you won’t leave our Xodol treatment with another addiction.

Waismann Method Keeps You Safe and Comfortable During Xodol Detox

The Waismann Method offers a humane approach to Xodol dependence that treats the individual quickly. Our in-hospital procedure answers the depletion of natural endorphins in nerve cells due to an external supply of opiates. We use intravenous medications to cleanse the Xodol from patients’ receptors while they sleep lightly under deep sedation. This takes less than two hours and they awake without the awareness they experienced an accelerated withdrawal. Managing the often-painful withdrawal eliminates pain and suffering for the patients and moves them into recovery quickly. It also helps them sustain long-term recovery. Other rapid detox programs have tried to emulate our rehab but fall short in many areas. Our safety standards are unmatched, our procedure takes place in an accredited hospital, not an out-patient clinic, and we never send you home or to a hotel following the procedure. Our total hospital stay is 2 to 4 days and patients are discharged only when our medical staff deems it safe. Also, we don’t use opiate replacement therapy with Suboxone or methadone to wean patients. We know this can lead to a second addiction.

Waismann Method’s Xodol Rehab is Designed Around You

We offer a medical approach to opiate detox, allowing us to focus on the mind-body connection, nutrition, exercise, recreation, communication, relaxation and balance for the reintegration to school, work and social life. We treat you as the individual you are and never make you feel guilty or shameful for your problem. Our treatment is tailored around patients’ individual needs. We don’t believe all patients should be treated in the same way. Once patients are discharged, they are offered extend recoveryfor a few days at our Domus Retreat transitional living facility. Guests here stay in private suites and choose among treatments and services that include a personal chef, massage, biofeedback and group and individual counseling. Our compassionate and supportive environment offers a safe haven where patients can relax and regroup.

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