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Vicoprofen Warnings

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Avoiding serious complications from prescription painkiller use is as simple as knowing the warnings. Despite an increase in the cases of addiction and fatal overdose due to opiates, they can be taken safely if instructions on use are followed. Vicoprofen contains hydrocodone, a narcotic pain reliever, and ibuprofen, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. It is meant to relieve short-term pain but like all opiates, has the potential to be habit forming. This is why it should only be used as prescribed. Vicoprofen should only be used by those who have legitimate prescriptions for it. Because of its addictive nature, it should not be prescribed to people who have become addicted to drugs or alcohol in the past. Warnings associated with opiate painkillers include tolerance, physical and psychological dependence, withdrawal and overdose.  Recreational use, overuse or abuse of any kind is very dangerous.

Risks of Vicoprofen Use Include Overdose and Addiction

Vicoprofen depresses the central nervous system. Mixing the drug with other substances that have this effect can cause serious complications, even death. These include alcohol, other opiates, tranquilizers, sedatives, hypnotics and sleeping medication. Altering a prescription drug in any way can prove fatal. Breaking or crushing pills to inhale or inject them can cause dangerous levels of the drug to enter the system quickly. A Vicoprofen overdose is most often an accident and can occur when patients take too much of the drug or mix it with the substances listed above. A physical addiction to Vicoprofen has developed once use is stopped abruptly and withdrawal symptoms set in. People who take opiates are encouraged to never try and detox on their own. This can be very dangerous, as some withdrawal symptoms, including seizures, can be life threatening. Most of the risks involved with Vicoprofen have to do with hydrocodone. Ibuprofen also poses risks including ulcers and stomach bleeding. A prior history of these or other stomach problems should be considered before Vicoprofen is prescribed.
The use of Vicoprofen over a long period of time can lead to addiction. Patients may have physical and/or psychological cravings for the drug. Vicoprofen addiction can be treated safely and in a short amount of time with the Waismann Method. Based in southern California, this renowned rapid opiate detox facility uses an in-hospital medical procedure to eliminate drug dependence. Intravenous medicine is given to patients to cleanse the drug from their opiate receptors. This takes less than two hours and patients awaken a short time later from deep sedation, free of opiate addiction. They don’t realize upon awakening that they’ve already been through the brunt of withdrawal. Our procedure speeds up the onset of painful symptoms, which pass while patients are out. Patients typically stay in the hospital less than a week – even as few as 3 days – and can be discharged after a medical evaluation. From there, they can return home or transition in our Domus Retreat aftercare facility.

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