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Tramadol Abuse

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Abuse of prescription drugs is on the rise in this country and Tramadol is not an exception. The narcotic-like drug is opiate-based and treats moderate to severe pain. Tramadol abuse can lead to an overdose which can be fatal. Tramadol has habit-forming properties and can cause dependence and addiction. For many, abuse starts with a legitimate prescription for pain or other medical issues that can cause discomfort. For some, a drug dependency develops slowly, for others, its onset can be rather quick. In either case, patients usually develop a tolerance to Tramadol, meaning the prescribed dose is no longer effective in treating the pain. Escalating your dose against doctors’ advice can have serious consequences including addiction and overdose. Tramadol abuse can include a wide range of risky behaviors and includes any use of the drug in a way that goes against the label’s warnings and directions. Repeated use can lead to the formation of a physical and/or psychological dependency.

Signs You May Be Addicted

Altering your dose of Tramadol by taking it in higher doses or more often than recommended is not advised. Taking it for unintended reasons or without a prescription can also be considered abuse. If you are taking Tramadol and escalating your dose despite potentially negative consequences, you may need help from a professional medical detox. All opiate medications have the ability to be habit-forming. They work by activating the brain’s reward circuits and sending pain-fighting signals. The stimulation of these reward centers may result in patients craving the drug more and more. Mixing Tramadol with other substances to increase the “high” or euphoric feelings can be dangerous to your health. Those who have suffered through prior addictions should avoid taking Tramadol and other opiates as the risk for addiction is higher. Other signs of Tramadol abuse and addiction include a mental preoccupation with obtaining and consuming the drug. Others may falsify prescriptions or shop around for different doctors to secure more than one supply. These and other risky behaviors can lead to unintended consequences that can be fatal.

Waismann Method Treats Tramadol Abuse Safely and Humanely

Expert medical detox is available with the Waismann Method® of Rapid Detox. We provide a number of different options for Tramadol medical detoxification. Most of our patients report that the Tramadol dependence started innocently enough, with a prescription from a medical professional. In many cases, use begins to escalate when tolerance develops. Abuse often leads to addiction. Our renowned and humane rapid detox procedure is completed in a few days and uses medications to cleanse the drug from patients’ opiate receptor sites. This happens while patients are in their private room, of an accredited hospital and under the supervision of one of our board-certified anesthesiologists. The Waismann Method can get you opiate-free much quicker than many traditional drug treatment programs. After a few days in the hospital, patients are transferred to our exclusive recovery center Domus Retreat, for additional around the clock professional and private care. Domus is also available for an extension, for those wishing to further their recovery in a safe, confidential and relaxing environment.

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