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Suboxone Rehab

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Many people search Suboxone rehab due to high occurrences of Suboxone addiction. Opiate replacement drugs that treat opiate addiction can also be habit-forming. Suboxone contains buprenorphine, an opioid medication that is similar to morphine but produces a less euphoric effect. Programs that use Suboxone to wean patients off other drugs say Suboxone may be easier to stop taking. The Waismann Method doesn’t follow this logic as we know patients can also become dependent upon Suboxone.
Our Suboxone rehab program is based on the latest medical science and doesn’t use opiates to treat opiate addiction. We do, however, treat the patients who became dependent upon Suboxone prescribed from other treatment facilities. We recognize opiate dependency as a central nervous system disorder caused by continuous opiate intake, not as a result of personal weakness or bad choices. Our in-hospital procedure addresses the depletion of natural endorphins in nerve cells due to an external supply of Suboxone. Some rehabs require long-term commitments while others encourage lifelong attendance at meetings or therapy sessions. Our treatment is medically based to ensure safety and we offer comprehensive aftercare for all patients.

Safe Detox, Managed Withdrawal, and Compassion are Cornerstones of Our Program

We require a total hospital stay of 2 to 4 days and during this time patients receive pre-testing, medical detox, and post monitoring. Our rapid detox procedure takes less than two hours and uses intravenous medications to cleanse the Suboxone from patients’ opiate receptors. We also take the fear and suffering out of withdrawal. Because withdrawal can be scary, many people delay seeking help for opiate addiction.
During our procedure, the physician uses IV medications to induce and accelerate withdrawal while patients sleep under sedation. Many other rapid detox facilities have tried to copy our program. However, they fall short when it comes to safety, effectiveness, compassionate care and privacy. We never send you home or to a hotel to recover after detoxing. Our procedure takes place in an accredited hospital in southern California where our doctors and anesthesiologists take all the necessary steps to ensure safety. In addition, the Waismann Method never compromises your anonymity. We believe in total discretion and get many patients back to their lives and careers without having to take extended leaves of absences.

Waismann Method Approach to Suboxone Rehab and Detox

We treat patients individually, taking into account personal needs and concerns. We don’t believe your addiction should be a lifelong sentence. Other programs label you an addict indefinitely and make you feel guilt and shame for your addiction. We know prescription opiate addiction most often occurs as a result of legitimate prescription use that escalates. Continued recovery is offered through our Domus Retreat transitional living facility. Their patients receive therapeutic, recreational and holistic treatments. Patients relax in private suites and have access to a personal chef who can address nutritional deficiencies. The transition back to an opiate-free life can be accomplished quickly and safely with Suboxone detox programs offered by Waismann Method.

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