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Percodan Rehab and Addiction

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An addiction to the opiate painkiller Percodan can destroy lives, careers, relationships and futures. If not properly treated with medically-based rehab, Percodan addiction can lead to serious health and legal problems. Rehab is the set of programs and treatments available to treat alcohol and drug addiction. It can be short or long-term in nature and is offered on an in-patient or out-patient basis. Percodan is the combination of oxycodone, a potent narcotic painkiller, and aspirin, a non-narcotic pain reliever. It’s available only by prescription and can be habit forming for those who use it for extended periods. Those who misuse or abuse it are also prone to developing an addiction. The Waismann Method of rapid detox recognizes opiate dependence as a central nervous system disorder caused by continuous opiate intake. Many other treatment, detox and Percodan rehab facilities view opiate dependence as a psychological disorder, a result of bad decision-making or weakness. Many rehabs are also quick to label you an addict for life, and some treatment programs encourage lifelong attendance at meetings.

It is Possible to Reverse Dependence Without a Long Term Rehab

Waismann Method’s program for Percodan detox is based on the principal that all patients should be treated compassionately and humanely. We don’t believe you are weak or addicted for life. In fact, we’ve seen so many lives reclaimed in a short amount of time; we know sustained recovery is absolutely possible. We don’t make our patients feel guilty for their dependence upon Percodan. Our individualized programs don’t believe in a one-problem, one-solution approach. Waismann Method’s holistic approach to Percodan detox focuses on the mind-body connection, nutrition, exercise, recreation, communication, relaxation and balance for the return to school, work and social life. We want to get you back on your feet safely and quickly and we don’t believe it’s necessary to obligate you for life. Our addiction approach is scientific, not faith based or centered on outdated beliefs. We simply use the most advanced medical biotechnology available to end Percodan addiction.

Waismann Method  Offers a Medical Detox

Another important difference between the Waismann Method and other rehabs is that we never use opiate replacement therapy with methadone or Suboxone to wean patients. We know this can lead to another dependency. Our medical procedure answers the depletion of natural endorphins in nerve cells due to an external supply of opiates. Our in-hospital rapid detox procedure uses intravenous medications to cleanse the opiates from patients’ receptors while they sleep lightly under sedation. The detox procedure takes less than two hours and they awake without the awareness they experienced an accelerated withdrawal. This management of withdrawal is so important to ensure a safe, comfortable and lasting recovery. Patients must stay in the hospital 2 to 4 days for pre-testing and post-monitoring. Compare this to the 30, 60 or 90-day stays required by other programs. We also offer optional extended care through our Domus Retreat transitional living facility.

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