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Oxymorphone Warnings

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Correct use of potent opiates such as Oxymorphone is so important because the drug has several warnings and precautions associated with it. Caution is urged among patients taking therapeutic doses of the opiate prescription drug. Oxymorphone is used to treat moderate to severe pain and is marketed under names including Opana. The drug is considered to have a high potential for misuse, abuse and diversion. Other risks involved include addiction, overdose and a very painful withdrawal. Oxymorphone is linked to illegal activity and accidental deaths. It’s important to note that Oxymorphone warnings should be respected and the drug  can be taken safely and is an important part of the pain management plan for many patients who are suffering. Those who begin to take the medication outside its intended uses are often headed down a dangerous path.

Oxymorphone Warnings, Tolerance, Addiction, Withdrawal and Overdose

So many of the negative situations that can arise out of Oxymorphone use are not the fault of the patient. Many people begin to take it for legitimate medical reasons but find that over time, a tolerance has developed and they need more and more to get the same relief. Once the drug loses its potency, many people escalate use instead of talking to a doctor. Addiction can follow quickly from here and is marked by an intense period of withdrawal that can vary among patients and depend on variables including the length of the addiction and its severity. Oxymorphone withdrawal can include strong drug cravings, nausea, vomiting, cramps, muscle and bone pain, body aches, severe agitation and headaches. Seizures can develop in serious cases. This is why it’s so important for people to get professional help for Oxymorphone addiction. Taking too much of the drug can result in an overdose which can be fatal. This can also be the case for those who take Oxymorphone, a central nervous system depressant, in combination with other substances that have this effect. These include alcohol, other narcotic drugs, sedatives and antidepressants.

Oxymorphone Addiction Treated in Safety of Hospital

Opiate addiction has become a very serious problem around the world. In response, many opiate detox and opiate rehab centers have opened, offering treatment for addiction. Some use opiate replacement drugs such as methadone and Suboxone to treat an opiate addiction. The problem is that these too are opiates and they can also cause dependence. Others fail to address a painful withdrawal, making the likelihood of a relapse more probable. Making patients comfortable during detox is one of the keys behind our success at the Waismann Method. Our medical procedure speeds up withdrawal which otherwise can last weeks or months. This accelerated withdrawal occurs while patients are lightly sedated so they aren’t aware they’re even experiencing the symptoms. Our rapid Oxymorphone detox happens in the safety of a hospital where patients are monitored around the clock. Intravenous medications are used to cleanse drugs from patients’ opiate receptors. This procedure takes less than two hours and patients awaken a short time later from deep sedation, free of opiate addiction.

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