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OxyIR Treatment Options

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Opiate addiction is a serious problem faced by an increasing number of people worldwide. OxyIR is an opiate medication used to manage moderate to severe pain. Possible OxyIR treatment options may vary and should be based on a number of individual factors . While the medication can be a useful tool in pain management for many people, it also has the capability of producing serious side effects including physical and mental dependence.
Prescription painkillers can produce a very painful opiate withdrawal syndrome what creates fear and anxiety,and prevents  many people from getting the help they need. Drug treatment doesn’t have to be a scary prospect. And the days of having to suffer a painful, degrading withdrawal are over. Waismann Method offers a hospital based OxyIr treatment, that can reverse opiate dependence within a week.

Treatment Options for OxyIR Addiction Don’t Have to Include Opiate Replacements

OxyIR treatments can include detox, talk therapy, faith-based programs, 12-step meetings and pharmaceutical intervention with opiate replacement drugs. These replacement medications often include therapy with Suboxone or methadone. These drugs may work for some people who need to wean from more powerful opiates. The problem is just that. Suboxone and methadone are opiates as well and also have the ability to be habit-forming.
OxyIR treatment with opiate replacements can essentially mean that patients are swapping one dependency for another. These medications can cause the need for another detox and may not always be the best choice. Most patients respond better to an opiate-free treatment that safely and comfortably get them truly detox.

Inpatient Accelerated Withdrawal

So many other OxyIR treatment programs focus on the wrong aspect when it comes to treating addiction. Many programs are based in the past, meaning they rely on antiquated ideas regarding recovery. Making patients relive their pasts over and over is counterproductive to the process. Blaming, shaming or guilting patients into recovery rarely works. Waismann Method’s OxyIR treatment is compassionate and supportive and never makes patients feel bad for their predicament.
The Waismann Method® established itself as a leader in the opiate treatment field with the development of rapid detox and other medical forms of opiate detoxification. The rapid drug detox is a procedure that rids the body of harmful opiates while the patient rests comfortably under sedation, which greatly reduces withdrawal syndrome and other discomforts and medical complications that could be associated with outpatient OxyIR treatment.

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