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OxyContin Treatment Center

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OxyContin treatment can cause a high level of anxiety, because the drug falls into the opiate category, which may be habit forming, causing both long term mental and physical addiction. Oxycodone comes in pill form, This drug is also known as Oxy, Oxy 80s, or Hillbilly Heroin. It can be found in many prescription drugs including Oxycontin, Percocet, Percodan and Roxicodone.

Symptoms of Oxycontin Addiction

If OxyContin is abused, it can cause a dependence very similar to heroin addiction. This is the reason why patients who have been prescribed drugs containing Oxycodone, should be very closely monitored. If an individual takes OxyContin or Oxycodone for more than a few weeks, they will likely develop a physical dependence on the drug. Once addiction sets in, most individuals will require professional assistance overcoming the withdrawal symptoms. Once the detoxification treatment is completely, patients have to work through the cravings in order to avoid a relapse. Luckily, medicine has come a long way in the field of OxyContin treatment and the majority of these issues could be medically handled effectively, privately an timely.

Choosing an Oxycodone & Oxycontin Treatment

Waismann Method of OxyContin treatment offers a number of different medical option for detoxification. We have developed a well rounded scientifically sophisticated approach to opiate dependence. Our OxyContin treatment combines correcting chemical imbalances, psychological evaluations and latest medical advancement of detoxification and cravings control.
We are widely known for our effective accelerated rapid detox, which has maintain one of the highest success rate in the field of opiate detoxification in almost two decades. Our additional medical OxyContin treatment methods, opiate detox treatment, treats OxyContin dependence as a physical disorder that can be overcome with advanced medical techniques. Patients suffering from OxyContin or any other opiate abuse, are treated physically and mentally with dignity and respect, and are admitted into the privacy of their own room, in our accredited hospital.
The Waismann Method of Rapid Detoxification offers a humane treatment to individuals physically dependent on opiate drugs. It involves a medical procedure that cleans the OxyContin from the receptor sites, while the patient rests under sedation. Waismann OxyContin treatment has shown to effectively ease the user through the discomfort and anxiety that usually accompanies detoxification. The procedure occurs in the ICU unit of a full service accredited hospital, under direct supervision of our multi board-certified medical director. The patient’s closely monitored prior, during and after the detox procedure.  The goal is to rid the body of physical addiction: the patient literally sleeps through physical withdrawal. This accelerated detoxification process, also helps eliminate the physical cravings that often accompany traditional opiate detox treatments.
Once you have completed the detox phase in the hospital, Waismann patients are provided with a few extra days at Domus Retreat Recovery Center.
OxyContin treatment with the Waismann Method is the most safe, effective and humane in treatment you will find.
Waismann Method ® allows most patients to return to a productive life in a matter of days and eliminates the need to spend months in hospitals or rehab programs.
If you or someone you love needs assistance in locating the best OxyContin treatment center available, call us at 310-205-0808

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