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Opiate Addiction Rock Bottom

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What does ity mean when people refer to “opiate addiction rock bottom”? The term is used often to describe the worst state people may get to when abusing opiate drugs. It’s a subjective term really – who’s to know what this means to an individual?
For some people, “hitting bottom” or “rock bottom” can mean that something devastating has happened during the course of drug addiction. Perhaps it’s a serious medical issue, an overdose, becoming homeless or the potential for jail or prison time. For others, the “bottom” may be the loss of a job, an important relationship or social status.
Some people just decide they’ve had enough and are sick of living with a life full of physical illness, emotional pain, psychological issues, financial turmoil, fear and anxiety and shame. Others enter into opiate addiction treatment because of loved ones or because of a court decree.
Waiting for that “bottom” can be dangerous. The very idea of it can be misleading and deadly. Some experts argue that the idea of a bottom for substance abusers can actually encourage them to continue use until something really bad happens.

Opiate Addiction Treatment: No Time Like The Present

The truth is that anytime is the right time to seek treatment for addiction. No one should get caught up in this notion that they should wait until something truly devastating happens.
Anytime people abuse a substance – especially prescription painkillers or heroin – it could be their last time. These drugs are linked to numerous cases of overdose and accidental death.
Drug addiction experts say the earlier the treatment, the better. This of course makes sense, because it could save your life. But also because addiction is progressive. Taking opiate-based meds such as OxyContin can spiral quickly. And because of tolerance, the dosage will continue to escalate. And then what? It’s a one-way ticket to destruction.
So, there is no better time than now. Drug addiction only gets harder and the stakes get higher. Some people say that you have to want to get better in order to succeed. But people delay getting help for a number of reasons – the fear of withdrawal, the fear of social embarrassment or not wanting to face aspects of life they were trying to hide from.

Treatment Should Address All Aspects Of Opiate Addiction

Substance abuse recovery is possible, even among the most hardened addicts. Drug and alcohol rehab programs may include a mix of treatments such as detox, therapy, behavioral modification and possible support groups.
It’s also a good idea to practice holistic health. Cleaning up your diet, exercising and relaxation can do a world of good during recovery. It also helps to seek out a comprehensive program that addresses physical dependence through detox and psychological dependence through therapy.
No one that is still alive, is ever too far gone to recover from opiate addiction . Don’t wait. If you do, it could soon be too late. Pick up the phone today and speak to one of our compassionate staff. Ask about your options, see what we can offer and how we can help. 1-310-205-0808

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