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Opana Abuse

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The abuse of prescription painkillers including Opana abuse, is a major problem facing our society. This issue, in part, is likely due to the increase in the number of prescriptions being written. The Waismann Method Medical Group, has seen a marked increase over the last decade in the number of people seeking opiate detox. Opana is the brand name for oxymorphone, a potent narcotic used to treat moderate to severe pain. Abuse can include a wide range of using practices but basically means any use that goes against product labeling or doctors orders. Regular users who have a legitimate prescription for Opana can turn to abuse after developing a tolerance. Recreational users often abuse the medication in order to achieve a high. Abuse can lead quickly to addiction for which professional medical detox is required. Most of the thousands of patients we’ve successfully treated did not set out to abuse Opana or develop a dependency. It’s important to understand that whatever your situation, there is help.

Signs of Opana Abuse

Any use of Opana that is outside its prescribed therapeutic use can constitute abuse.
The drug can be easily diverted from pharmacies, hospitals and those patients with prescriptions. From here, it is often sold or traded illicitly. Common actions among abusers can include doctor-shopping to secure more than one supply, fake call-ins for refills and falsification of prescriptions. Abuse can include overuse, tampering with the medication or combining it with other substances to heighten the effects. This can be dangerous because Opana is a central nervous system depressant. Combining it with other medications that have the same effect can be lethal. These can include alcohol, sedatives, tranquilizers and other opiates. A preoccupation with consuming or obtaining Opana can be an indication that physical and/or psychological dependence have developed. Prescription painkiller abuse can devastate lives and lead to overdose and death. There is no need to continue living in the cycle of abuse.

Where to Find Help for Opana Addiction

With the Waismann Method, you never have to worry about being made to feel guilty for your dependence and abuse history. Our main goal is to get patients on the road to recovery in a safe, confidential and timely manner. We don’t use opiate substitutes including methadone and Suboxone in our Opana detox program. Our renowned rapid detox is performed in a hospital under close supervision of doctors. The Waismann Method of anesthesia rapid detox for Opana abuse takes less than two hours and uses medicine to cleanse Opana from patients’ opiate receptors. This happens while they sleep under sedation and is administered by board-certified anesthesiologist in a ICU Unite. The withdrawal phase is accelerated and occurs while the patient is sedated. They awake opiate-free without awareness of withdrawal symptoms that occurred while they were out. The entire hospital stay is a few days, getting patients back on their feet in much less time than traditional drug treatment programs. Domus Retreat, our transitional aftercare facility, is also includedfor those who wish to continue care and  recovery in a safe, confidential environment.

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