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Ohio Detox

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Cleveland, Ohio, USA downtown

Ohio Rapid Detox and Other Medical Opioid Detoxification Solutions

The diversion and abuse of prescription opioid painkillers is a serious issue in Ohio, with many cases involving the popular and controversial analgesic OxyContin (oxycodone). This long-acting drug is often prescribed for serious, continuous pain. However, it’s been established that this controlled substance is often over-prescribed or prescribed for conditions for which it’s not indicated. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration first approved OxyContin in 1995. Since then, prescriptions have skyrocketed from 821,000 in 1997 to 6.2 million in 2002, according to the FDA. This drug’s ease of access contributes to the problems of diversion, abuse, dependence and overdose. Ohio is not alone in dealing with the ravages of prescription painkiller abuse and dependence. In fact, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration said in 2009 that Ohio had linked OxyContin abuse to drug-related robberies throughout the state.
The DEA has called the OxyContin threat in Ohio “significant.” It was once considered a drug of abuse among Caucasians in Ohio but law enforcement officers are now seeing increasing abuse among African Americans. The Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services said young people who abuse OxyContin often move to heroin, which is cheaper. OxyContin overdoses and drug-related deaths were also on the rise throughout the state in 2006, according to the state. Other opiates that are problematic in terms of diversion and abuse in Ohio are hydrocodone and Suboxone, a drug used in the management of opioid addiction. The DEA said the availability of Suboxone in Ohio has dropped its street price in recent years. The most common methods of diversion seen in Ohio include doctor-shopping, robberies and illegal sale and distribution by healthcare workers. Other methods include the Internet and prescription fraud, the forging or altering of prescriptions.

Waismann Method® Opiate Treatment Center

Prescription painkillers are helpful for millions of people who fall ill or are injured every year in the U.S. Opiate dependence can be debilitating and has ruined lives, but it can be treated successfully without fear of relapse. For almost two decades, Waismann Method® located exclusively in Southern California has received patients that could not find an appropriate Ohio Detox or rehab to fulfill their needs.
Waismann Treatment™ center offers a number of different opiate detoxification methods based on each individual unique needs. Patients are admitted to their private rooms of a full-service accredited hospital and are offered continuum care at our exclusive recovery center Domus Retreat.

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