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Norco Addiction Treatment

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Norco is a brand-name medication that consists of hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen. It is a Schedule III narcotic, meaning it has a high potential for abuse and that severe dependence can develop. Norco can cause both mental and physical addiction. Moreover, you do not have to abuse Norco to become physically dependent. The withdrawal can begin a few hours after you stop taking the drug, and that is when you know a physical dependence has developed.
Treatment for Norco addiction can be difficult to endure because of the withdrawal symptoms and because it works within the central nervous system. Withdrawal from Norco can cause a number of issues, depending on many factors such as dosage, time you have been taking and patients medical history. Taking a large amount of Norco can result in overdose, depression of the nervous system and even death. Withdrawal symptoms may present as depression following euphoria, heavy sweating, nausea, diarrhea, mood changes, and other issues.
There’s no need to suffer or be alone through what can be a very difficult detoxification process. People are hesitant to seek or even enter a drug rehab, and rightly so.  The anxiety of what to expect from a treatment facility can often seem overwhelming. However, Norco treatment facilities around the world are not at all similar in how they view or treat Norco addiction. Some even confuse drug treatment with peer support.
The process should start with a safe and dignified detoxification. Norco detoxification can be manageable with many different techniques, including using rapid detox. This phase addresses the physical dependency to the drug. Physicians should supervise this portion of treatment so you can get through the withdrawal comfortably and safely.Exceptional Care, Better Outcome, Get In Touch With Us Today

How to Find the Best Private Norco Addiction Treatment

Understanding that each person and situation is unique, and not all treatment options should be the same is key to finding the best treatment. Performing a thorough assessment of available treatment centers will help you determine the most successful option for you. Some treatment centers focus on luxuries provided, others in archaic forms of simple peer support, but the more effective ones use advanced science.
The best Norco treatment program will pair individualized medical care with uncompromising privacy and comfort; that is precisely what the Waismann Method® Treatment Center has been providing to patients for over 20 years.

Waismann Method® Norco Treatment Is a Safe and Effective Option

Our Norco treatment combines correcting chemical imbalances with the latest medical advancements for managing withdrawal and cravings. With our Norco rapid detox treatment, patients are placed under IV sedation while comfortably resting in their private room of an accredited hospital. They can effectively pass through the worst part of the withdrawal symptoms while asleep under medical supervision. The following features of our treatment center are examples of what sets us apart:

  • The Waismann Method® medical director has performed thousands of safe, rapid detox procedures.
  • Patients from all over the globe fly to our exclusive location in California seeking our unparalleled success.
  • Our multi-board-certified anesthesiologist has over 18 years of experience.
  • Rapid detoxification is performed in a private room of the ICU of an accredited hospital.
  • We use the latest medical advances to provide multiple detoxification options.
  • Waismann Method® has partnered with Domus Retreat recovery facility to provide continuous care for a few days after detox.

Domus Retreat is a licensed facility in the beautiful and exclusive hills of Orange County, CA. This facility offers recovering guests all the comforts of home with a specialized team of professionals to assist them as they adjust after opiate detoxification. Domus staff members provide around-the-clock assistance and personalized care. Also, a combination of services can be utilized for relaxation, such as massage, individualized psychotherapy, neurofeedback, and much more.
Addressing each individual’s unique needs and goals are how we have facilitated the unprecedented success of our patients. Having the right Norco treatment is key to starting long-term sobriety. By providing appropriate aftercare, we allow patients to make the emotional and physical transition to a healthy life without opiates.Exceptional Care, Better Outcome, Get In Touch With Us Today

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