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National Recovery Month 2014

Table of Contents

National recovery month promotion with waismann method

Anyone who knows a person who has suffered from addiction or has been through the process themselves knows how important recovery is. Drug addiction does not discriminate and whether you or your loved one is battling a painkiller addiction, Suboxone addiction, or heroin addiction, the road is a difficult one to travel. We at Waismann Method understand the challenges that those addicted to drugs face on a daily basis and help them make it through to experience recovery in the safest, healthiest and most effective way possible.

How we celebrate National Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month. In celebration of those who have achieved recovery and are living productive lives as well as those who are struggling with addiction but want to change their road-map. Waismann Method Advanced Treatment for Opiate Dependence offers a 5% discount to patients that schedule appointments with us from September 10th through September 30th.
This discount can be used on our exclusive detoxification treatment, in order to set you on the path toward a productive and healthy life.

Approaching your loved one

Approaching your loved one with the prospect of getting help for their addiction can be a daunting task but not saying anything can be more detrimental. Opiate addiction is all-encompassing. It affects work, personal relationships, personality, and health. The person you love (whether that is someone else or yourself) is suffering through a vicious cycle that should be stopped with the appropriate medical assistance combined with compassion and understanding. Waismann Method specializes in providing the best rapid detox and medical detoxification available, which is usually necessary to overcome opiate dependency. Coping mechanisms and avoidance skills are important to keep the recovery going in full force.

Our commitment to the patient

Waismann Method believes in commitment to the patient so that those who dedicate themselves to living a healthy and productive life have the skills to do so. We also treat you – the individual. We don’t prepare a package based upon general variables. Finally, Waismann Method provides the privacy you desire to make your transition, changing the concept of group care to something more respectful and personal. We care about you at Waismann Method. Everyone deserves a chance to start again.

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