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Kelly Osbourne Addicted to Vicodin

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Kelly Osbourne, daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, has come clean about a problem that has plagued her for years. She recently opened up to People Magazine saying she got hooked on liquid Vicodin when it was prescribed for her following a surgery to remove her tonsils at age 13. Kelly is a few weeks out of rehab which was her third attempt at getting clean. The 24-year-old says that taking Vicodin made people like her, boosted her confidence and kept her from being teased. She had previously tried to get clean during rehab stays in 2004 and 2005.
Kelly told People she’s getting a second shot at her career and knows she would have died had she not sought help. She returned to the screen with her family in a variety show called Osbournes Reloaded that debuted March 31 on the Fox network. Kelly has said her month-long stay in rehab was voluntary and based on an “intense” relapse this year.

A Prolonged Vicodin Addiction Can Be Hard to Kick

Addiction to Vicodin and other opiate painkillers can be hard to kick, especially after prolonged use. Physical and psychological dependence can develop, making it especially important for users to seek out professional help in order to detox. In Kelly’s case, a decade-long addiction made the likelihood of relapse even greater.
This story is similar for many people going through opiate painkiller addiction. You are in pain from an injury, surgery or chronic illness. You get a prescription for pain medication. The next thing you know, you’re hooked. Prescription painkiller addiction is a chronic, progressive and relapsing condition that traps some users in a vicious cycle for years.

Addiction in the Osbourne Family: Hereditary or Circumstantial?

Kelly’s family members are no strangers to addiction either. Her father Ozzy, Black Sabbath front man and reality show star, has notoriously and publicly battled drug and alcohol addiction. Her brother Jack has also struggled with drug addiction and alcoholism 1 and has sought treatment in the past. Her mother Sharon has admitted in the past to suffering from bulimia 2, an eating disorder viewed by some to be addictive in nature.
The cause of addiction is the subject of much research and debate. For some people addiction is hereditary and determined in part by the genes inherited from their parents. For others, it is the result of life experiences and circumstances. In the case of the Osbourne family, it could be a little bit of both.

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