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Illinois Detox

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Because Chicago is a major transportation hub in the Midwest, the problem with pharmaceutical abuse and diversion is high throughout the state of Illinois. As with all parts of the country, Illinois faces an increasing epidemic of opiate abuse, especially from prescription painkillers. Many areas are also seeing a surge of heroin seizures and overdoses as people find the highly potent and cheaper alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Waismann Method

Our renowned detox facility is located in southern California, where we’ve been successfully treating patients from around the world for more than 10 years. The problem of pharmaceutical abuse is hardly unique to Illinois. People who have become dependent upon their prescription painkillers or heroin have a place to turn for help.
Waismann Method, offers premiere opiate detox for people who’ve become dependent upon opiates including Vicodin, Percocet, fentanyl, morphine and codeine. Our in-hospital medical treatment is safe, thorough and completely discreet. We treat each patient individually with utmost compassion. Our doctors administer intravenous medications that wipe out the physical addiction at the opiate receptor sites.
This is done while patients are sedated by general deep sedation. One of the most important benefits to the Waismann Method program, in addition to quickly eliminating addiction, is that we are able to control an otherwise painful withdrawal period. The non-addicting medicine we use speeds up withdrawal symptoms, which develop and pass while patients are sedated. This helps provide the most comfortable transition to recovery. After a few days, patients are able to return home, free from opiate addiction. Others can choose to transition in our Domus Retreat recovery facility.

Painkiller Abuse

The diversion of these controlled substances is of “significant concern” in Illinois, according to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration. Among the most commonly diverted pharmaceuticals are products containing hydrocodone and oxycodone, two potent opioids that can lead easily to abuse and dependence with prolonged use. In 2009, the DEA said OxyContin, which contains oxycodone, was a highly abused drug throughout Illinois. The agency also reports an increase in the abuse and use of methadone.
Products containing hydrocodone, such as Vicodin, and oxycodone, such as OxyContin, have become the target of diversion in Illinois and elsewhere. The DEA says the Internet has provided a breeding ground for companies around the world that sell pharmaceuticals online. There are legitimate pharmacies that fill prescriptions for opioids over the Internet, but also many that sell dangerous drugs. Some of these web pharmacies offer pills that are counterfeit, that may be the wrong dosage or that have dangerous ingredients. Some people have even reported that they’ve received the wrong medication altogether.
Pharmacies originating in other countries have also posed problems for Illinois authorities trying to control the flow of these drugs into the country. Other methods of diversion in Illinois include “doctor shopping,” which is when patients go from doctor to doctor to secure more than one supply of the drug. Diversion also occurs in pharmacies, hospitals and other medical facilities, often by healthcare workers themselves.

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