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Home Detox or Inpatient Detox Center

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Some experts are of the opinion that home-based withdrawal is possible but the stress and unnecessary suffering deters many users.
The Internet abounds with so many self-help articles ranging from personal issues to building guns. While most of these sites are well-meaning, there is one area, specifically, home-based detoxification where DIY(Do it yourself) could be dangerous. Opiates are rapidly addicting after only weeks of constant and prolonged use and studies show that addicts attempt withdrawal 10-25 times during his/her lifetime with very little success and with very strong tendency to substitute one drug for another.
Some experts are of the opinion that home-based withdrawal is possible but the stress and suffering associated with it and the possibility of serious consequences like convulsions or depressed respiration deters even the most determined user. Fortunately, there are medical options which refrain from using another opioid form to treat the addiction.

Preparing for Withdrawal

The decision to withdraw from drugs is extremely difficult to make unless the user has truly reached rock bottom. A person preparing for withdrawal may have not thought it out but simply got sick and tired of the cycle of procuring, using and dealing with the consequences of addictive behavior. However, it is best to examine why drugging took hold in the first place: the issues and faces beneath the impulse and craving. Some addicts are compelled to take other drugs and alcohol, especially within the social context of like-minded friends.
Withdrawal symptoms are better handled when the body is well-rested and ably nourished. Sleep and good food enable the body to repair itself from the ravages of abuse. Every addict knows how impossible this is but efforts should be made to keep hydrated and within reach of a health facility. In fact, it is best to talk to a doctor or addiction specialist to clarify expectations. Think of withdrawal as a case of the worst flu – it wears itself out.

Weighing the Options and Risks for a Home Detox

It pays to research on withdrawal and detoxification. In the light of the addict hardly leading a functional life and able to decide rationally, this may be a task too hard to handle. It may be necessary for concerned family and friends to step in for a sensible decision.
The Internet is a good place to start. The following sites offer good information:

Choosing a Detox and Rehabilitation Facility

If home detox and other programs proved ineffective in the past, going through the same may not work either. Possibly the best option is Waismann Method opiate treatment which is conducted in a full service accredited hospital and administered by experienced board certified doctors.
Deciding to detox and experiencing withdrawal is stressful enough, and not having the proper medical care can exacerbate the discomfort.  Our patients are admitted to their own private rooms in the hospital  for a thorough pre-screening, including pre-examination and pre-medication.
If the best medical care and the most effective detox is what you are seeking , give us a call today at 310-205-0808.

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