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Getting Off OxyContin

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OxyContin has provided relief from pain for many people but it may be difficult for some people to stop taking it. Oftentimes, the people who are prescribed this opiate drug need it for round-the-clock, continuous pain and they may take it for long periods of time.
Drugs in the opiate class can be habit forming and over time, users become dependent physically and/or psychologically. There are many options for getting off OxyContin , but plenty that may not be safe at all.
OxyContin withdrawal can be brutal and should not be attempted without medical help. There are many clinics popping up around the U.S., offering OxyContin detox. Many of these use methadone or Suboxone to wean patients and manage withdrawal.
The problem with these medications is that they’re synthetic opioids as well, meaning patients can become dependent upon them also. For many people, this treatment essentially swaps one opiate addiction for another. These replacement drugs were developed with the intent of keeping heroin addicts from resorting to criminal behavior to support their addictions.

Some Methods of OxyContin Detox Can Be Ineffective or Dangerous

Some people say that kicking OxyContin is similar to kicking heroin. OxyContin addiction can spiral out of control quickly, leading to health, legal and financial problems. While many patients use it for legitimate pain, OxyContin abuse has skyrocketed in the last several years.
It’s extremely dangerous for people, especially those who abuse it or take high doses, to try and wean themselves off it. Dangerous withdrawal symptoms including seizures can develop. In some cases, people have died trying to detox from OxyContin without help.
Trying to wean cold turkey is a very bad idea and can lead to serious or fatal health problems. Some people try to taper their dosage gradually by taking less and less over time. This can take a long time and does not work for many people. Trying to wean off OxyContin by substituting a less powerful drug can also lead to frustration and disappointing results.

Safe OxyContin Treatment Requires Professional Medical Help

So many people are dedicated to getting off OxyContin but simply cannot do it without help from qualified professionals. This offers the best chance to detox safely and to make recovery lasting.
OxyContin detox and rehab centers abound, promising recovery through a variety of treatments. Waismann Institute of southern California is a leader in the field of opiate detox, offering superb treatment for addiction to opiates including OxyContin , Vicodin, Dilaudid and heroin.
Our OxyContin treatment differs from all others because we offer a supervised medical program that includes withdrawal under sedation. We use intravenous medicine that cleanses the drug from patients’ opiate receptors in a process that lasts less than two hours. Our highly effective detox has proven safe and humane, managing withdrawal to make patients comfortable.
Patients stay with us 3 to 6 days and can return home once discharged or stay for optional transitional care at our Domus Retreat.

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