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Georgia Detox

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No state in the U.S. has managed to escape the escalating problem of pharmaceutical abuse. Prescription opioids such as OxyContin are used safely every day by people for pain relief but can be highly addicting if misused or abused. Heroin is an illegal opioid that is often substituted for pharmaceuticals because it’s often cheaper and available in highly pure forms. Opioids attach to opiate receptors and produce a quick, intense high followed by feelings of calm. Georgia’s location along the I-95 corridor between Miami and New York make it a key destination for drug shipments and a trafficking corridor along the East Coast. The border shared by the U.S. and Mexico continues to be a source area for drugs including heroin that are brought into Georgia. In 2008, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration identified hydrocodone and oxycodone as key threats in Georgia that are often targeted for diversion. Oxycodone is a potent opioid contained in drugs such as OxyContin. Hydrocodone, also an opioid, is also powerful and is marketed under names including Vicodin, Norco, Lorcet and Lortab.
Diversion and abuse of these prescription opioids has increased throughout the U.S. as the number of prescriptions being written has increased. Methadone, an opiate replacement drug, as well as Lorcet, have been singled out as threats in Georgia by the DEA. Pharmaceutical painkillers are often diverted through methods that include doctor shopping. This is when people go to more than one doctor in hopes of getting their hands on more than one supply of the drug. These dangerous drugs are often the target of thefts at pharmacies and homes. Oftentimes, healthcare workers are behind this type of diversion. The Internet has also become a breeding ground for companies selling these controlled substances. While some websites legitimately dispense prescription painkillers, many others operate illegally – some domestically and some internationally. Buying these medications online can be dangerous as some companies provide medication that is expired or made with dangerous additives. Some people have reported receiving the wrong pill or dose. Pill clinics, or “pill mills” as they’re sometimes called have also become a concern for officials. These are also of concern for Georgia officials because of the number of these clinics popping up in nearby Florida.

Waismann Method is Chosen Over Traditional Georgia Detox Centers

People living in Georgia who find they have become dependent upon their prescription pain medication have plenty of treatment options. For more than a decade, people that could not find the right fit in a Georgia Detox have relied on the Waismann Method for opiate detoxification. This renowned medical treatment can be conducted in less than two hours, with a total hospital stay of a few days. We check our patients for possible underlying conditions and administer non-addicting medications intravenously to cleanse the opiates from patients’ opiate receptors. This happens while they rest comfortably under deep sedation. The process accelerates withdrawal symptoms which develop and pass while patients are sedated. Leave opiate detox to the Waismann professionals and we promise to get you back on your feet quickly in a safe, compassionate manner.
Georgia patients have the option of flying into Los Angeles Airport (LAX) or John Wayne Airport (SNA). Upon arrival, a representative will be waiting to greet and escort each patient from the airport. Patients do not need to bring a companion; they will be under our care 24 hours a day where food, lodging, and transportation are provided. We have concentrated all of our efforts into one exclusive location to offer the world’s best treatment for opiate dependence.

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