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Domus Retreat: A Pioneering Safe Haven to Treat Opiate Dependency

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We often share insight about our treatment for opiate dependency, but today we want to shed light on our specialized opiate treatment center, Domus Retreat. Opiate dependency comes in all shapes and sizes, and while rapid detox may be right for one patient, another may require a completely different type of care. This is where Domus Retreat comes in.
Domus Retreat is an intimate safe haven, where we provide customized treatments based on an in-depth understanding of each individual. At Domus, we believe the key to treating chemical dependency begins with an all-inclusive understanding of the conditions and processes that drove the unwanted behavior in the first place. Once we have a clear picture of the factors that contribute to the dependency, we create a treatment plan to specifically address each aspect of the addiction. What’s so unique about Domus Retreat is that no two programs are the same, because no two individuals are the same and you have to treat the individual in order to successfully conquer opiate dependency.
There are a variety of alternative therapies we integrate into our programs at Domus Retreat to help support physical and emotional recovery, including psychotherapy, biofeedback, yoga, and massage. We also offer an exclusive educational process to help empower our guests with insight on some of the common causes of unwanted chemical dependency, such as sleep problems, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.
After helping thousands of guests overcome opiate addiction, we know one of the reasons the rate of relapse is so high with other opiate detox programs is because dependency is often viewed as a problem rather than a symptom or coping mechanism. Many other facilities stress involvement and responsibility as the cornerstone of their treatment; meaning if the guest follows their program, they will stay sober. For some individuals this kind of structure is helpful. But, for many others, there is initial compliance with the program followed by defiance, which can instigate a relapse.
Success in any treatment program is determined by both the commitment of guests and those responsible for helping them overcome their dependencies. At Domus Retreat, we are wholeheartedly committed to doing our part by treating each and every guest with respect and understanding. The Domus staff is a diverse and committed group that understands the importance of creating a nurturing and responsive culture. To learn more about Domus Retreat call us anytime at (310) 927-7155. We’re here to help you on your journey to an opiate-free life!

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