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Depression and Dependency: Protect Yourself from Addiction

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Drug addiction, or drug dependency, and depression often go hand in hand, with one serious affliction compounding the other. David Brendel, M.D., Assistant Medical Director of The Pavilion, McLean Hospital says the relationship between depression and substance abuse in adults is very close, and that they occur together in “an extremely high percentage of individuals. There are a number of different ways that this occurs. Substance abuse can cause depression and depression can cause substance abuse.” (abs News)
How can depression cause dependency?
Many people with depression lack the necessary skills or knowledge to seek out assistance, or simply do not want to ask for help. Instead, they may turn to alcohol or drugs to change how they feel. Unfortunately, if these substances do change how they feel, it is only for a short time, and after a while, they return to feeling depressed again. More often than not, the problems of drug abuse can actually worsen depression over the long run.
If you suffer from depression, it is important to seek outside help for your condition rather than turn to self-medication.
How can dependency cause depression?
There are a number of drugs that cause temporary elevations in the emotional mood but result in a crash into depression. This leads the user to constantly seek out a “fix” to achieve that first elevation in mood, yet most find they can never really accomplish the feeling of that first high. Additionally, most drugs produce withdrawal symptoms that include depression.
Drugs are never a good idea, but they are especially not a good idea if depression runs in your family or if you have ever been treated for depression. If you find yourself depressed and dependent on opiates, the Waismann Method may be able to help. Our doctors do not condone the concept of unnecessary suffering through withdrawal. Our treatment is designed to meet patients’ medical, psychological, and social needs in order to achieve success.
Different methods of treatment are available based on each patient’s medical and dependency history. And all post-detox symptoms are addressed and medically managed while the patient is properly supervised in our after-care facility.
Contact us today and learn how to eliminate the sickness of withdrawal symptoms with Rapid Detox and the Waismann Method.

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