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Delaware Detox

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This small state on the East Coast may not have as many serious problems with drugs as bigger cities but experiences its share due to its geographic location. Delaware’s proximity to New York City and Philadelphia makes it a target for traffickers looking to move their product. In 2008, the U.S. Drug Administration said the opiate heroin was one of the most popular, accessible, and trafficked illegal drugs in the state. Like other U.S. cities, heroin is often the go-to drug for people who become hooked on prescription opiates such as OxyContin but need a cheaper, more obtainable alternative. Cheaper, high-purity heroin has become increasingly available across the country. Opioids attach to receptors in the brain and body and can lead to tolerance and dependence with prolonged use or abuse. The increase in the number of prescriptions being written for opiates is a factor in the increasing number of diversion and abuse cases.
Diversion of opiates in Delaware continues to be a big problem. The DEA said in 2008 that immediate-release products containing oxycodone were particularly troublesome. These include Percocet, Percodan, Roxicet, and Tylox. These prescription opioids, most often used for pain control, are often stolen from pharmacies or homes. Some people sell their prescriptions for money or to buy larger quantities of heroin. Others practice “doctor shopping,” which means they go from doctor to doctor to secure several drugs. The Internet is also a breeding ground for websites that purport to be pharmacies and sell opiate painkillers, sometimes with no questions. Websites that don’t require prescriptions are dangerous and may ship products that are altogether wrong or contain dangerous ingredients. Some websites sell substandard or expired prescription medication. Forged prescriptions are also of concern in Delaware. One of the primary diversion methods in Delaware has been the illegal sale and distribution by healthcare workers, primarily pharmacy technicians who aren’t licensed in the state, the DEA said.

Patients Choose the Waismann Treatment over Delaware Detox Centers

Opiates produce a quick, intense high followed by a period of calm and feelings of well being. As with many other states, Delaware has reported an increase in people seeking help for opiate addiction in the last few years. Waismann Method offers the most intensive opiate detoxification that has proven to be safe and effective for thousands of people worldwide. Our proven program begins with medical tests in a hospital to rule out possible underlying conditions. From there, our doctors administer a combination of medication to cleanse the drugs from the opiate receptors. This is done in less than two hours while patients rest comfortably under deep sedation. Our procedure, performed in southern California, also manages the withdrawal phase that causes much fear for many opiate users. If you live in Delaware and need immediate assistance for opiate dependence, Waismann Method is ready to offer the most compassionate and discreet treatment around.

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