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Darvon Abuse

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The abuse of prescription painkillers has become a growing problem across the world and can have deadly consequences for many people. Abusing Darvon and other opiates can result in addiction and overdose which can be fatal. Abuse can include any behavior that puts your health and well being in jeopardy, and any use that contradicts instructions from the doctor or prescription label. Darvon is prescribed by a doctor for treatment of mild to moderate pain. Most people use it safely but some fall into the trap of habitual use after a tolerance develops with regular use. Once the patient’s body no longer registers the pain-relieving effects, he or she may become desperate and escalate use. This can cause physical and/or psychological dependence. Abuse of prescription painkillers is serious and is hard to reverse without proper medical detox.

Examples of Darvon Abuse

Darvon abuse can include taking more of the drug than what’s prescribed. It can also mean taking it more often than what’s recommended. These are both risky behaviors that can mount into full-blown addiction if abuse continues. Other forms of abuse can include taking the medication with other substances in order to heighten the effects. Darvon is an opioid medication and can cause feelings of euphoria, making it attractive to some people who use it recreationally. The drug produces central nervous system depression. Combining it with other substances that have this effect could be deadly. These include alcohol, other narcotics, tranquilizers, hypnotics, some sleeping medications and muscle relaxers.

Waismann Method’s Treatment for Darvon Addiction is Safe and Quick

Darvon abuse can quickly lead to addiction. Waismann Method provides a safe, responsible medical detox that uses intravenous medication to cleanse Darvon from patients’ opiate receptors. In less than two hours, patients awake from light sedation under general anesthesia and are free of Darvon addiction. The procedure accelerates the withdrawal phase which plays out while patients are sedated. Upon awakening, they don’t have conscious awareness they went through withdrawal. This helps patients avoid suffering through the pain of a full withdrawal. Waismann Method doesn’t rely on opiate substitution therapy with Suboxone or methadone to wean patients.  Our Darvon detox program is safe, effective, compassionate and discreet. Our approach to addiction never makes patients feel guilty or shameful about their problems and we never jeopardize anonymity.

Supportive Aftercare Offers Optional Programs to Provide Extended Darvon Treatment

At Domus Retreat, our transitional living facility, we offer a sanctuary where patients can extend their recovery beyond the 2 to 4 days required for detox. This program is optional and tailored for individual needs. Patients stay in private suites and have access to therapies including massage, biofeedback, relaxation and group and individual counseling. Our staff is supportive and our programs are humane. Domus Retreat allows patients to relax, regroup and continue recovering in a supportive and pampering environment.

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